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Race can be viewed as both biological and social behavioral of science assertions. What is Race? According to the encyclopedia, “Race is a classification system used to categorized humans into large and distinct .affiliation.”
Biological we are the same species who socialized but treat each other differently. Therefore sociological classification led to a social disease called “racism”.
In the circular case of Plessy vs. Ferguson in 1896, race was deemed to be both biological and social. Plessy viewed himself as a white man due to his genetical DNA attributes of his 7/8 Caucasian and 1/8 African. Unfornately to the white society he was viewed as black because he wasn’t a pure breed. He was arrested for sitting in the white area on the Railroad in the State of Louisiana. Plessy felt that his 13th and 14th amendments were violated. At the time of the Plessy decision the Supreme Court set the precedent that “separate” facilities for blacks and whites were constitutional as long as they were “equal”, and he was fined for $25.00. This decision became known as the separate but equal doctrine, which led to the Jim Crow’s Law which was then stroked down by the Brown vs. Board of Education.

Race is not biological Constructed it is socially and politically real via law public policy and social practices, based on a large superficial appearances.

In a classic experiment in 1946, Kenneth and Mami Phipps Clark conducted a research called the “Clark Doll Test”. The psychological study showed how black and white kids view their race. The result concluded that black kids view themselves as ugly, mean and inferior to white, because that is how society stereotype black people and this have a profound effect to this day.

The doll test derived from a case study of Brown vs. Board of Education in (1951-1954) to prove that black kids were not given their 14th amendment right under the constitution of equal treatment. This decision overturned Plessy vs. Ferguson in 1896 which had allowed states legalizing segregation in schools. After the decision of the Brown vs. Board of education it empowered African Americans to seek equal treatment under the laws.


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