Racism In The South Is Forever Present

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Fifty years after the “Civil Rights Act of 1964” ( National Archives and..) one would think that discrimination and racism is a thing of the past right? However that is not true at all, although some progress has been made toward racial equality, America remains a very racist country. All across the states racism varies in degree just like it did in Maycomb, and a lot of it depends on the person. There are very many racially segregated cities in the United States in which whites are considered to be the superior race by themselves and it can be proven by simple research. This segregation has not been all bad though for it has created a new genre of music, rap/ hip-hop, that is primarily African American artists which for people like Tom Robinson must have been unimaginable. There are many people that would like to think that racism is not very present here in southern Indiana but I disagree, traveling less than ten minutes in almost any direction will reveal that racism is still an issue not only here but all throughout the United States, which is how the idea of a small town like Maycomb was conceived. Examining certain areas of the United States will reveal the ethnic issues in that area, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Since the late fifties the onset of African Americans present in sports has continued to grow and has offered an escape from racism for any race. Although sports are a major part of American life even they can not completely block out racism.
Being notorious for racism the south has somewhat emerged from its gloomy past as the home for slavery and a universal symbol for discrimination. Since the end of the Civil War racism has somewhat diluted throughout the rest of the United States but it is still very present in the midwest and south, cities such as Chicago or Memphis remind myself and others of this harsh reality. Arguments can be made to say that these cities are not very racist but instead are very equal, this is where I have to disagree. With situations glaring at the public like Chicago’s notorious Southside and inner city Memphis it is hard to see anything other than segregation. On the “Southside of Chicago one will find an area full of gang violence and drug related problems” (Isaacs), although these are not good things by any means, all races are involved and by no means should one race be the scapegoat for all the problems. This is however not the case, “since the Chicago Race Riot of 1919 black people have been the target of racism and discrimination in Chicago” (History.com). This is very much similar to Tom Robinson and his journey all throughout his trial. Although not all residents of Chicago may be racist, just like how everyone was against Atticus, the popular opinion shows otherwise. Another city that is “plagued by segregation and racism is Memphis Tennessee” (Tennessee: Most), it is even regarded by some as one of the most racist places in the United States. From personal experience I can...

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