Raise Minimum Wage To $15 An Hour

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For the past year I have watched my younger sister struggle to support herself and her now 11 month old baby. She makes more than minimum wage. She has struggled to the point where she was evicted and now lives with me. I have also experienced struggling on low pay. When I was 18 I was kicked out of my family’s house, and I was only making $8 an hour. There were days where I had to choose between paying rent and getting my electricity shut off, just because I couldn’t work enough hours to pay all of my bills. It can be very scary to only make minimum wage and have to support yourself. There are changes that need to be made so that every person can live properly with any job.
Minimum wage should be raised to at least $15 an hour. Doing so would benefit lower classes of people greatly. Higher minimum pays will keep people from doing illegal things for money, give them more money to spend, and it would make minimum wage do what it’s intended to do.
Not everyone can go to college and get a high paying job. Sometimes people end up having families early and have to start working immediately. Most jobs that are available to anyone are minimum wage jobs. When people are struggling to make ends meet sometimes they’ll end up doing things that are illegal just to survive. People start stealing if they become desperate for food, especially if they have children to feed. This leads to business losing money and stock. People can also start selling drugs or sex for money. This increases crime rates and makes neighborhoods become bad places to live. If minimum wage was raised people would be more likely to take legal jobs and stay out of illegal activity.
With minimum wage going up there will be more money in the pockets of people who need to spend it. Most people who make minimum wage spend their entire paycheck every pay period. Making more money, they will be more likely to take care of minor problems and splurge a little on entertainment. This will put money back into circulation instead of sitting in a bank. Most business owners will have no problem with the pay raises for employees because more people will be spending money in different places, including their business. A lot of people believe that spending more on employees is bad for businesses but with higher pay rates comes higher morale and better work performance. Wealth needs to be shared. A business may be started by a handful of people but it takes more to keep it going. If the people on the bottom made more, and the people on top shared what they had instead of taking more, than there would be less of a social divide. Economic status should not determine who deserves to live comfortably.
Everyone deserves to have basic necessities. Living comfortably means having food, shelter, clean water, and everything it takes to survive in today’s society. Unfortunately all of these things cost money. Minimum wage being too low makes people make choices between necessities. For...

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