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Many Americans today are blind to what life is like in other countries. After watching Hollywood movies where Chinese are only portrayed as either Kung Fu masters or super geniuses, it is no wonder so few Americans know about the reality of China today. But novels like Gold Boy, Emerald Girl, written by Yiyun Li, help to show some of the more somber realities of contemporary China. When reading this novel, it seems as if Yiyun Li is portraying China as being filled with loneliness and despair, bringing about an overall tone of complacency for the novella “Kindness.” But contrary to the tone of this story, Li unveils hope hidden within the encounters of others and their positive and negative ...view middle of the document...

This statement affected Moyan’s life in a substantial way, she developed the ideal that people were rotten and it was best to not associate with them at all. While in a meeting with Lieutenant Wei, Moyan “looked out the window at the evergreen trees, wishing to be one of them” and that she loved trees more than she did people (Li 19).
With the negative influence Professor Shan had on Moyan, it was no wonder she grew up to live alone. But as Moyan aged and matured, she began to realize the how much of an influence Professor Shan had in her life. When Moyan tells her stories of her young life, she seems complacent with how her life was turning out, she did not mind being alone or avoiding people. But as she aged she began to realize that maybe it was just Professor Shan’s influence that caused her to be the way she was.
What was not understood when I was younger is understood now. Lieutenant Wei’s persistence in seeking my friendship came from the same desire as Professor Shan’s to make a disciple. Both women had set their hearts on making a new person, though, unlike Professor Shan, Lieutenant Wei was too curious and too respectful to be a successful hijacker of people’s lives. (Li 78)
In this quote, Moyan shows that she understands that both Professor Shan and Lieutenant Wei had intentions to change and influence her. Later she even finds herself wondering how her life would have been different had she would not have met Professor Shan, had she befriended Lieutenant Wei. “Sometimes I wonder if I would have become her friend . . . I would have become a happier person” (Li 78). Even with both her negative and positive and negative...

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