Recommendation For Maxwell International Holdings Berhad

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The strengths of Maxwell International Holdings Berhad are its superior reputation , strong product design and development(D&D) capabilities , high quality products , good relationship with customers , experienced management and technical team , and strategic location to raw materials . It will be beneficial to Maxwell if it utilizes all of its strengths effectively .
Reputation is an intangible asset , it often is difficult to measure precisely its impact on the bottom line . However , a superior , if indirect , gauge of reputation can make a huge impact on a company’s financial results . Maxwell can make a good use of its superior reputation by using it as a motivation to improve itself . A good reputation provides a company goal for which to keep striving . Besides , Maxwell can use its superior reputation to increase its business opportunities . A company’s reputation is just like a magnet . It attracts not only customers but also attention of interested future investors and business partners . A superior reputation generates many possibilities for business growth and expansion .
Strong product design and development (D&D) capabilities is one of the Maxwell’s strengths as well . Maxwell can improve the product D&D capabilities by hiring more designers and increase the production lines . The company can emphasize the D&D capabilities to its potential customers . On top of that , the potential customers will have a better confidence in the company and hence collaborating with it . Thus , the profit of the company will be increased .
Meanwhile , Maxwelll can improve its good relationship with customers by following the Golden Rule . The front-line staff will treat the customers the way the managers treat them . The management of the company should train the staff to use every client contact as an information gathering exercise and to diligently record data in the Customer Relationship Management system in searchable and filterable fields for marketing and mail campaigns . The company can utilize its good relationship with customers by asking the customers who have good relationship with them to help promoting the business .Loyal customers are always the best salespeople .

Apart from that , the company can show its gratitude to the experienced management and technical team by giving extra bonuses to them . Then , it can utilize the experienced management and technical team by assigning them to deal with some difficult tasks . They can easily settle the difficult tasks based on their experiences .
Lastly , it can utilize its strategic location by getting the raw materials from the nearby sports shoe manufacturing hubs . By doing so , the company is able to get a large amount of raw materials within just a short period of time , and can save up a lot of transportation costs too .
Maxwell International Holdings Berhad’s opportunities are product diversification , opportunity of expanding into overseas market and development of...

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