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The process of recruitment and selection are closely linked. Both activities are directed towards obtaining suitably qualified employees, and recruitment activities lay the groundwork for the selection process by providing the pool of applicants from whom the selectors may choose.Recruitment can be defined as:- all activities directed towards locating potential employees- the attraction of applications from suitable applicants.The aims of recruitment.Factors affecting recruitment are the framework imposed by legislation, and the fact that no organization will want to spend money on unnecessary activities. In keeping with this and the definition of recruitment given above, the aims of recruitment are:- To obtain a pool of suitable candidates for vacant posts- To use and be seen to use fair process- To ensure that all recruitment activities contribute to company goals and a desirable company image.- To conduct recruitment activities in an efficient and cost-effective manner.Most human resource management issues and be analysed in terms of legal, moral and business considerations. With reference to the stated aims of recruitment, these considerations could be said to be:Legal - to comply with anti-discrimination legislationMoral - to avoid unfair discrimination for moral reasons as well as obedience to the lawBusiness - to ensure that all efforts are directed towards achieving corporate and not personal goals.It is important to have a systematic approach so that all steps of the recruitment and selection process are conducted in line with:- The company's human resource strategy- Equal opportunity goals.Recruitment Policies.A policy is simply a statement of intent on the part of a company; it outlines the approach every one is expected to adopt and the standards they should achieve. A recruitment policy enables all employees involved in the process to direct their efforts towards achieving the company's goals and to know that they are acting in the spirit intended by the company.A basic recruitment policy should at the very least include a statements about the company's stance on:- The overall goal of recruitment- Equal opportunitiesOne argument that is sometimes raised against internal recruitment policies is that they may lead to entrenching any equal opportunities problems that exist. Companies that wish to take the human resource management approach to enhancing the contribution and commitment of their employees should certainly consider adopting a policy on internal recruitment.Equal Opportunities.Legislation exists to protect the interests of groups of people who have historically been discriminated against in terms of employment and services. The legislation provides protection against unfair discrimination.The Sex Discrimination Act (1975) and The Race Relations Act. (1976)The Sex Discrimination Act (SDA) and The Race Relations Act (RRA) address unfair discrimination in similar ways. Both refer to three kinds of discrimination:Direct...

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