Red Leaves Falling Reaction Paper

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**The story tells us on how we should take action and not be paralyzed on our fears. (#2,5,7,13)
Ruby’s character is still in the process of developing self-confidence and recognizing talents and interest, that is why school is important to her. Her trying to take an exam despite her mother insisting on taking care of her siblings is a sign of taking a stand on what she believes and being competent, even if it means rebelling (in her mother’s eyes). She aims to do good both at home and in school and if she do it well, praises will be given which will help boost her confidence and develop a feeling of competence if otherwise will result to doubt and feelings of inferiority. Ruby has 4 other siblings, Dawn being the second child, followed by the 2 boys, and Bunso, who was the sick one. Ruby as a first born child act as a surrogate for her parents. She asked Dawn to watch or look after their house and other siblings because she was expected to take on the role of Ruby while she was in school. As an older sibling, she often becomes protective of her younger siblings, as what was depicted when Joe went to their home to find her. Differences of gender roles are at great comparison. Older girls, they are more often good teachers and nurturers for younger siblings; older boys tend to be better stimulators and models. If I am in Ruby’s shoes, I would probably do the same thing, to follow my mother and oblige. I can see my mother as my model and whatever she asks me to do, I will do in accord. This is also in congruence with Piaget’s and Erikson’s theory where at this age, you are focused on maintaining law and order by following the rules, doing one’s duty and respect authority and in seeing this obedience as ‘being good and responsible’.

It is distressing to know that these settings are happening in real life wherein children are being molested and trafficked for prostitution. Hunger and poverty are the major causes for parents to opt their children for prostitution or early child labour as a mean of coping up to current situation. There could be many excuses for adults to give but none of these are valid. In the Philippines’ setting in year 1977 reported 75,000 number of child victims of prostitution, mostly between the age of 15 and 20, though some are young as 11. In effort to deal with the problem, the Philippine passed R.A. 9208, the Anti-trafficking in Persons Act of 2003 penal law against human trafficking, sex tourism, sex slavery and child prostitution. Now, many years later, the problem still exist and has remained alarming. In year 2012 of November had been reported by a Filipino Journalist, Iris Gonzales on her blog that stated that there were four young, thin and frail-looking girls probably 14-15 age range, whom the traffickers sold to foreigners like candies were rescued by the police somewhere in the Northern Philippines. And presently, estimated two million children affected by the typhoon “Yolanda” is at risk for child abuse and...

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