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The sampling techniques that was used for this research were basic marketing research techniques (Gilbert n.p). A survey will be carried out on participants to determine the current customer base at the existing EDO location here in Prince George. A keen observation of the customers at the EDO location in the pine Center mall taking observational notes on the number and frequency of visits amongst identifiable groups. The records will be taken for a period of two weeks before gathering enough data to start making inferences. Nonetheless, the process will go on past the two weeks to make sure the data that is collected is a representative sample of customer trends. This process will ideally occur over different time frames as to create a viable basis for target market and sample selection for our research purposes. After the whole process of collecting data is complete the results are complied. Data analysis follows to establish which key demographics that would be ideally solicited to take part in the cross-sectional study.
The data collection methods that will be used are observation, focus groups and surveys. Observation is used because it is flexible and gathers real-time data on the customer behavior and trends. Another advantage of using observation its cost effectiveness. Scarce resources are a major factor in choosing methods to be used for data collection. Focus groups have the ability to gather views from many respondents in one session. This capability is an advantage in saving time taken to get information from a large number of participants. Surveys were a very instrumental means of gathering statistical data about customer needs and trends. The survey consisted of a variety of questions in general-itemized rating scale. The main advantage of this method that it could gather a lot of data in a very short time. In addition, the data is easily coded and analyzed.
The instruments that will be used to collect data include recording devices that will capture the discussions during the focus group meetings. The recordings will be useful in capturing every detail and was preferred over taking notes. Another instrument that will be useful was paper documentation in form of surveys, consent forms, and performance reviews. Digital instruments including software will be utilized for compiling and analyzing collected data.
If there was more money time and other resources, this study would take the several amendments to ensure that the data gathering techniques were intensified and extended. A part from the face-to-face meetings, the researchers would incorporate use of telephone interviews, questionnaires, and ethnography. In addition, the researchers would employ assistants to help in observations for an extended period. This...

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