Analysis Gender Equality And Gender Discrimination

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The idea of separate sexes has been around since humans began constructing civilizations and has progressively worsened over time. The world has mostly consisted of patriarchal institutions since then, and has oppressed women in the sense that they are less than men in status and civility. Because of this women are forced to take on specific [often times inferior]roles in society, many of those roles being; taking care of the homestead, child care, and maintaining a kosher dwelling while men assume the more prestigious occupations. “A son in all sorts of trouble finally seeks out his father for advice during a particularly bad crisis. But when he finds his father wearing an apron while washing dishes in the kitchen, the son recoils in disgust… The parents of an 18-year-old girl describe their fear that their daughter will be an old maid because she is so terribly bright and independent. They decide that the mother will have a “talk with her” (“Changing Gender Norms” Eliman-Taggart)” An analogous philosophy is introduced in the novel A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. In the series, Arya, daughter of Lord Eddard Stark has grown up along with her brothers who trained in the art of swordplay and her sister who was training to become a lady. Despite constant reprimanding, Arya dejected the concept of evolving into a lady and aspired to become a knight alongside her brothers. She is mocked throughout the story for her “boyish” manner. She is surprisingly encouraged by her father to pursue what she wants regardless of what is seen as socially acceptable behaviour for a girl.
Limiting certain people due to a variable out of their control is immoral enough, however the sexism doesn’t cease there. These problems with gender equality include wage gaps, gendercide, domestic abuse, and lack of deserved human rights and it is limiting human advancement. However, the fight for gender equality didn’t really come into light until the suffragette movement in the 19th century, and the major goal was for women to gain equal voting rights. That doesn’t include indistinguishable salaries, and other essential rights.
In the instance of wage gaps, for example, the 1999 United States Census Bureau reported that women earned about 77% of what men made. Also, in 2000 women made an average of 76% of what men made for that year. The most recent Canadian statistics shows that the gender wage gap in Ontario is 28% for full-time, full-year workers. This says that female workers earn 72 cents for every $1.00 a male worker earns (“Gender and Society” Margaret Mead). Women are capable of doing the same tasks men can do. However, discrimination against women continues. Statisticians approximate that around 10-15% of the wage gap is caused by gender discrimination.
Inequality of all sorts has been challenged and rallied to be amended, but it seems as though women have been more so neglected in the process of social rehabilitation. Sexual discrimination is repeatedly...

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