What Does It Take To Become A Dentist

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Dentistry can be a wonderful career choice for someone who is interested in interacting with the public and cares about healthy teeth and gums; there are many job options for someone planning to enter this field such as dentist, orthodontist, dental hygienist, dental assistant, and dental lab technician.
Dentistry is job that takes care of patient’s teeth. One of the tasks of a dentist job is drilling. It was first invented in the 7000 BC located in Indus Valley Civilization. Drilling was the first thing that was taught in Dentistry Career (History of Dentistry). After World War 2 ended most of Americans started brushing their teeth. In 5000 BC is when tooth worms were found in teeth.
Tooth Worms today are called Dental Decay. In 1550 through 1700 BC Egyptians called toothache Ebers Papyrus. Ebers Papyrus or Toothache is a disease of the teeth. According to ADA Library the cure for the toothache is Hippocrates and Aristotle (PDF).
In 1728, Pierre Fauchard known as “Father of Modern Dentistry” publish “The Surgical Dentist” (Timeline of Dentistry). He do not like for people to clean their teeth with water mix with brandy, toothpick, or a sponge. In 1819 Levi Spear made a practice guide of how to clean your teeth with waxed silk while brushing your teeth. In the year of 1845 in America, a book called “The American Journal of Dental Science” was made (Timeline of Dentistry). It helps you to learn how to clean your teeth with the floss silk two or three times a day.
Next year on the timeline is 1875, when Michigan built their first dental university called “ University of Michigan College of Dental Surgery”. A man name Willoughby D. Miller discovers microorganism’s that cause and carry dental decay (Timeline of Dentistry). The year of 1902, Dr. C.M recommend for women to train and get their license to be a dentist assistant. A year later Thaddeus P. Hyatt wants dentists to help out patients on preventing decay from happening (Timeline of Dentistry). This is the upcoming for Dental Hygienist.
Three years later a dentist name Dr. Alfred C. Fones was currently training Irene Newman scaling and polishing teeth. 1909, Dr. E.L Pettibone taught oral hygiene in a public school (Timeline of Dentistry). A year later Ohio College of Dentistry wanted to start a formal program for dental nurses but the dental community declined it. A few years later Alfred C. Fones open his own school for dental hygienist, which is located in Bridgeport, Connecticut (Timeline of Dentistry).
In 1914, Fones had started on a project called “Bridgeport Demonstration”. He is doing this for the graduates from his dental hygiene program to provide dental care in public schools (Timeline of Dentistry). The first graduate came from Connecticut Dental Hygienists Association. 1917, the first state to pass on the dental hygiene licensed law is Connecticut. Alfred Fones was the first person to have license to be a hygienist.
1921, State of Michigan announced dental...

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