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Fine art can be distinguished from applied arts due to its primary use for aesthetics and ever since the 17th century the term has been referred to art forms. Five main forms of fine arts include sculpture, architecture, music, painting and poetry. In modern times, fine art has encompassed several other forms such as photography, printmaking, and film. Fine arts in terms of film often refer to motion pictures, and the concept of film as a type of fine art form. The process of producing films can be done by the recording of images with cameras, or by constructing images using different animation techniques or different special effects. One of the reasons why film can be considered as a significant art form is due to the being a source of popular entertainment, and this includes the ability of being able to educate the masses.
An example of a film delving the fine arts form is Shakespeare in Love. Shakespeare in Love is a film that was produced in 1988, and is classified as a British romance-comedy-drama. This film is written by the playwright Tom Stoppard, and writer Marc Norman while the director of the film is John Madden. The star lineups for the cast of Shakespeare in Love are Joseph Fiennes playing Will Shakespeare, Gwyneth Paltrow as Viola de Lesseps, Geoffrey Rush playing Philip Henslowe, Colin Firth starring as Lord Wessex, Ben Affleck as Ned Allyen, and Judi Dench taking the role of Elizabeth I of England.
The setting of this film is basically set in the late 16th century in London. Young Will Shakespeare is indeed known throughout the town, but he’s left in a bind as he’s still struggling. Although he has already propose the idea and sells his next play to both Philip and Henslowe, he
faces his ever present dilemma of having run out of ideas leaving him in a state of writers block. Will then sets off on a search for his inspiration for the masterpiece he’s planning to make of his...

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