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James Madison wrote the Federalist Paper No.39 to answer critics concerning that the Union would become a republican form of government. He had also defined the term “republican government” in the paper to allow his readers to better understand the Framers’ intention to establish a republican government. Madison wrote in the second paragraph that a republican government is the only and rightful way that suits Americans and that self-government is practical and possible. “No other forms of government would be reconcilable with the genius of the people of America: with the fundamental principles of the Revolution: or with that honorable determination which animates every votary of freedom to ...view middle of the document...

Judicial branches though not elected directly by the people, will reflect the choice of the people since the president appoints them, and the senate confirms their appointment. Madison pointed out that the duration of the appointment of the branches was conformed to the Republican standard and the model of State constitutions. The House of Representation holds the office for two years; the senate hold the office for six years and the President holds the office for four years. The “absolute prohibition of nobility under the federal and the State governments” was, according to Madison, the proof that the country is republic.

However, “adversaries of the proposed Constituition” were not satisfied by the facts. The antifederalists argued that the framers had established a national form of government but in reality the proposed government is both national and federal. They also claimed that the Convention had destroyed the federal aspect of the government as it took away powers from the sovereign states as they argued “they ought with equal care to have preserved the the federal form.” To address that, Madison explained that the new suggested form of government is a combination of federal and national but more federal in important aspects....

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