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     Life is so busy sometimes we don’t get enough sleep. Some days our bodies need more sleep than others. Some people like to sleep in after a busy week at work, or a long night of partying. Others feel that sleeping in can help them relieve some stress. Trying a few of these trips may help you to sleep in.     
     In order to sleep in longer, you should plan ahead for the weather. For example, when the weather is going to be hot and muggy, crank up the air conditioner. When your body gets too hot, you will wake up. Just keeping your body cool will help you feel more relaxed so you can get those few extra hours of rest. If the weather forecast calls for a steady rain crack open the windows so the rhythm of the soothing rain drops help you fall into a deeper more relaxed sleep.
     Another important part of sleeping in is a dark room. When too much light breaks into the room, you might have trouble falling or staying asleep. Light makes it easier to stay awake, thus making it harder for you to stop thinking. If you have curtains, close them almost all the way. Roll mini-blinds with the blades in the upward direction, because if they are rolled down when the sun comes up, too much light will come in. As the sleeper you want some light in the room, just a lot.     Hunger will also prevent you from sleeping in. Near your bed keep a few handy items. Ice water is a good choice, but it should not be in a cup or a glass, but in a sipper or thermos. This way the water will stay colder longer. You might place a few snacks next to the bed. Simple one in individual servings such as granola bars, animal crackers or a small bag of Cheerios are the best. When picking a snack, try to go with something light, sweet, and crunchy. Too much chocolate or caffeine will wake you up.
     When sleeping in to get that extra rest unplug all appliances. The alarm clock is usually too bright to look at, and the phone may wake you up if it rings. Pagers...

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