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My topic for the rhetorical situation for the experience and other evidence paper is whether technology use in college classes improves or deters learning. I have experience in this topic because most, if not all the classes that I am taking use technology in some aspect. I am writing this paper towards two main audiences: college students and professors. This would be an important paper for college students to read to understand both the advantages and disadvantages of technology in the classroom that they are using every day. All professors would need to read this so that they understand the consequences of technology use in the classroom and can decide if it should continue or not. ...view middle of the document...

Nowadays there are clickers, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even more, which have replaced the traditional classroom. Even though these tools make teaching and learning more effective, they can also serve as a distraction to the user and teacher. In my experience, technology is a useful tool in classrooms when used correctly. However, when it becomes too much of the class, technology hinders learning. Therefore, technology in college classrooms both has its benefits and drawbacks. According to the Article, "From Distraction to Learning Tool: Mobile Devices in the Classroom" by Toni Fuhrman, ". . . a mobile device can be a distraction rather than a helpful tool" (par. 2). This urgent issue needs to be solved before learning permanently becomes hampered. If something is not done soon, more and more students will fail exams and have to drop out of school. Students, professors, and the board of education at schools need to address this situation and assess their school to see if this is problem there. In my paper, I plan on questioning whether technology in the classroom is improving or hindering learning.
Technology use in classrooms has become the standard of recent times and I have experienced this change first hand. Back in early grade school, all of my classes used a blackboard with chalk and notebooks. However, as I progressed through school more and more technology was introduced to me. In seventh grade, I used my first laptop in school. Along with this change came implementation of more “smart boards,” interactive whiteboards, and other new means. Another technology change came in high school when I received my first laptop and used it for schoolwork on a daily basis. Now in college, most assignments are submitted online, classes are blended with online work, and online courses are now offered. College classrooms are now “media centers,” with computers, smartphones, projectors, tape recorders, and much more. Technology has changed the classroom so much in the past fifteen years, and therefore our definition of technology literacy is in constant change as well. Because technology is changing so quickly, teaching methods cannot adapt as quickly which is causing many problems in the classroom. Therefore, complications have arose from the implementation of technology in classrooms and I have experienced this change firsthand over my schooling career.
As stated previously, technology is always changing but the teaching methods are not, which is making learning much more difficult nowadays. Many teachers are still using the traditional chalkboard and notes, which has been used for the past fifty years and beyond. Nevertheless, with student’s lives now revolving around smartphones, laptops, social media, and other forms of technology, it is much harder for students to relate, concentrate, and learn this traditional way. Traditional ways have not adapted to the new world and everything that is has now. For example, Karen McLean stated, “What...

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