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In a BBC article, Dr. Janssen, a sociologist, asserts, “People thought rituals were fixed and never hanged but of course they do…they get reinterpreted all the time” (Smith-Spark). Unfortunately, the changes referred to in these quotes are for the worse. Almost all cultures have rites of passage that evolve over time, and these have become harmful to their culture and society. After establishing the difference between helpful and harmful rites of passage, it will be easy to see why they need to be changed. Once these factors have been analyzed, it will be obvious that rites of passage are culturally important, but those that have crossed the line of appropriateness should be modified to restore the benefits of these valuable traditions.
Rites of passage that inspire positive change can lead to substantial benefits, and are necessary in our world. An example of a religious rite of passage that has major benefits is the Bar Mitzvah. In preparation for the ceremony, I learned to recite many prayers, how to read part of the Torah, and more about myself as a person and Jew. In this transition, the ceremony is not where the actual transition takes place, but the celebration of going through the change and the recitation of what one has learned and done in the process. Major transitions do not take place instantaneously, they gradually occur. Bar Mitzvahs are very beneficial rites of passage, because of how they evoke positive change from adolescent Jews who want to express their faith. Another rite of passage with positive benefits is high school graduation. Professor Stephen Noll, Vise Chancellor of Uganda Christian University Mukono, states “Graduation is a significant stage of development from childhood to adulthood because one comes out with new ideas that they can use to improve the world. “ (Atugonza 1). Like the Bar Mitzvah, this transition gives youth valuable insight to use in the future. For this reason, along with a true transition, high school graduation is an appropriate rite of passage that betters the community. Unfortunately, not all rites of passage are as beneficial as these ones.
There are many improper rites of passage and adverse effects of these events in a variety of cultures. Circumcision is an issue in developing nations, such as South Africa, and Professor Mtuze of Rhodes University observes that many boys...

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