Role Of A Translation As A Mediator Incultural Transformation

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Translation means an intense form of cultural and social act of understanding a context and conveying it to another language and culture. Studying on language theories, culture and translation and the relationship between these factors are valuable issues dueto the growing importance of human communication in the world. The variety of languages with different culturesand necessity of communications in human life caused translation to be a very effective factor in communication, exchange of cultures, and knowledge. Translation studies emerged as a distinct discipline in the past few decades and it expanded in unprecedented ways. This expansion has brought with itself a multitude of different and competing approaches, translation models etc. This shows the acceptance of the new born discipline and it established a dominant paradigm. The main job of translators is to provide an effective means of communication. The translator is simultaneously a mediator, creator, manager, producer and sometimes a critic. Efficient communication means translating an original text by word to word basis and meaning-meaning transliteration. It’s delivering the genuine context of the message to the language that the target language user understands. Translators work beyond the boundaries of languages, cultures and societies. They position themselves between the poles of specificity and adaptation in accordance with the strategies of their translational behaviour. Translation is not a simple process of translating word by word and by using a dictionary, it requires a lot of cultural awareness and understanding to be able to say it just like a native language would.Change of ideas, concentration of mutualefforts in different directions, communication among different people in different ways, all these are aconstant necessity of spiritual and material life. Not only cultural acts are achieved by means of continuityprocess alone, but also being discontinuous can be as creative at certain times.
Each language has its own culture and religion. Each society propagates its own specific culture throughtranslation. Culture translation helps to know the variety of worship of different cultures. For e.g. Muslimpray in Masque, Christian in Church, Jews in Synagogue or celebrating "Christmas Day" has beenexpanded. Thus, translation links cultures as a chain. Thus, translation obviously is a cross-culturalcommunication; it is beyond structures and sentences, and not simply a mere language. It is a basic instinct of a man to communicate. And to communicate only means that the original message will be clearly sent in its equivalent context to the target audience. There are lots of employment opportunities for a translator. Translators are language professionals. It takes years of practice and understanding of the language. A professional translator must be able to understand, assimilate and reproduce the information and meaning of the translation and do it all naturally. Translation is...

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