Romeo And Cinderella Stepsister Essay

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Reminiscence when I met Kiyoteru in the city where I have been born. He was the man who had charmed my attention quietly. I thought that was love at the first sight.
“He is an eye candy; I wonder what he is being doing here?” I murmured.
“Miku-Chan, did you know that a new noble family has transferred to our town? Let us greet them,” Lily, a close friend of mine who was raised together since my childhood, asked.
“Did you mean that guy?” I pointed my index finger towards the brown hair man.
“Yeah, you got an eagle eye, do you? Ha-ha.” She slightly stuck out her tongue. While running away from hitting by me.
In the mean time, I walked into my room. Purposely, I went to my wardrobe and searching for a swell outfit to meet the newcomers. The reason I had to do this because of my father was a mayor of that town. I might have to show my courtesy for the sake of my family notoriety. I took a beryl green gown with a few delicate ribbons at the waist. It suited perfectly with my pale complexion. I was hoping that guy will saw me.
“My pretty darling lets us greet the new noble family at the midst of the city” my father tempted me to go with him for his society affair. I always adored my father. To me, father was the source of my inspirations. His responsibility towards his duties as a mayor, he never neglected it. Even for a trivial case.
“I am always being ready, father”, I smiled at father with an intentional smiling.
A few moments later, we arrived in the noble’s mansion. I looked around searching for the guy who I saw this morning.
“Great to meet you Lord Shion, it is an honor to know you” father showed his well-pleased with the arrival of the new residents.
“Let me introduce myself, I am Sir Hatsune, mayor of this town, this is my little daughter, my only daughter, Miku Hatsune” he smiled while eyeing me.
I blushed demurely but I tried to control for not being too conspicuous. On the other part, I remarked that someone was looking at me from the second floor wooden-carved window and I knew it was the brown...

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