Mc Donald's: Ethical Responsibility Essay

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McDonald’s: Ethical Responsibility
Small business owners of fortune 500 companies, democrats, republicans, men and women all have ethical responsibilities that should always be considered. Mc Donald’s is a well-known restaurant around the world. Some people enjoy this fast food restaurant and also have made Mc Donald’s one of the leading fast food companies. Although, Mc Donald may have some tasty food, there are still many critics that think Mc Donald’s may have a lot of ethical issues and company violations. Some consider being ethical is simply defined as knowing the difference between what is considered good and evil. However, ethics is defined as moral principles that govern a person’s or group’s behavior, and the practices that violate them. The practices of unethical behaviors, by various fast food corporations, like McDonalds have become of great concern to our society.
We all have a responsibility to live ethical in regards to respect of others thoughts and feelings. Although not been ethical is not always against the law there are also other negative outcomes that a company may endure for such practices. One outcome is a negative or bad image. Since McDonald’s targets a lot toward children having a negative image could deter parents from wanting their kids to eat there and thus affecting McDonald’s bottom line. Not only parents would be affected by a negative image but also other countries that the company may want to expand to. For example, some countries do not allow McDonald’s to operate there because of some of the unethical decisions that have made.
McDonalds over the years has defended its unethical practices and those of their franchisees, they have been slapped with numerous lawsuits for various violations which includes manufacturing, food preparing and labor laws. Today they are still one of the largest fast food corporations and with the involvement of management have made changes to how their food is manufactured, stored, prepared and presented to customers, and their employees working conditions. Although, there has been numerous improvements companies like McDonald’s are not exempt in regards to ethical choices and we will cover various infractions including labor policies, environmental pollution, adverse treatment of animals, and advertising/ marketing campaigns.
Company Background:
The first thing that comes to mind about McDonald’s is probably are their fries, hamburgers, and their giant golden arches. Most people do not know that the McDonald brothers first sold hotdogs and bar-b-q before ever getting into the hamburger business. McDonald’s over the years have served over one billion customers and they have proved it. Growing form a small burger stand in California to now having more than thirty five thousand stores nationwide, it is evident that McDonald’s is here to stay. The Ray Kroc Story states that,” McDonald’s is the world's largest fast-food chain with 35,000 restaurants in 118 countries and $28 billion in...

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