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“I’ll smoke that last cigarette,” he said to his wife. “Stupid of me- it was the one thing I forgot to bring back from the farm.”
He reached for it, switched on the silent wireless. He threw the empty packet on the fire and watched it burn while listening to the ice cold wind. He was listening closely to hear any pecking or scratching from the bird’s beaks or claws. His wife and kids lay silent on the mattress by the nice warm fire. Nat got up and started to walk around their cold house. Nat just had a feeling in his gut that everything was not going to be okay. He was worried sick. He sat there and thought, I am trying so hard for my family and I to survive, and I mean everyone that I ...view middle of the document...

He jumped up and raced to get a candle for light. The pounding at the door sounded like a human. The pounding was very intense like the human was struggling. Nat ripped open the door and there stood a blood covered man who ran for his life into the house and collapsed onto the floor. Nat slammed the door because a few small gulls got into the house. He punched them and they fell onto the floor. The kids were screaming “What’s going on?” “Ella, go take care of the kids,” Nat ordered. He squatted down to help the man. Nat had no clue who this young man was, Nat went to the kitchen and got some water and a washrag to clean up his wounds. His wife sat there and comforted the kids. Nat asked the man, “What is your name sir?” The man replied in a soft faint voice, “Will and I am 22.”
After getting Will all cleaned up and bandaged they sat down by the fire and started asking him questions but before anyone could speak he busted out in tears and said “I don’t know how much I can thank you, you saved my life.” Nat stared. He couldn’t believe how thankful he was for being so young. Will looked up at Nat and Ella. “My girlfriend has died.” “I’m so sorry Will, everything will be okay,” said Nat.”You are safe now.” Nat started asking him where he came from. Turns out he came from a bigger city that was being invaded by birds pretty bad. After tide rolled around everything was quiet. Nat told Will that birds attack every six hours. Nat and Will headed down to the Trigg’s to get more food, wood and supplies they needed to last about a week...

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