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Oscar Schindler

Oskar Schindler would never have been anyone’s ideal savior, especially for the Jewish community. He was an open member of the Nazi party, a womanizer, a gambler, an alcoholic, and was extremely money hungry, but was successfully able to rescue and save from death over twelve hundred Jewish men and women. Schindler was born on April 28th, 1908 in Zwittua, Czechoslavakia. He was born Catholic and into a wealthy family, but started early on a life of sin. In 1930 he moved to Poland in hopes of becoming a success in business. As the Holocaust was just in its’ beginnings, he was able to get his hands on an enamel wear factory on Lapowa Street in in Krakow. This was one of the factories that used to owned and ran by a Jewish individual, but was then stripped away from them like all other businesses that were stolen away from the Jewish people during the Holocaust. The location of the factory was only a few miles away from the ghettos. Schindler quickly moved in on the SS officers and tried to make close ties with them in order to gain connections with high authority. He showered them with women, money, alcohol, and other desired objects. From his new acquaintances he obtained free employment from the Jewish “slaves” of the labor camps. In order to keep his factory and the money he was making, Schindler changed his factory to cater to wartime needs. The factory was modified from producing enamel wares to ammuntion, but the ammunition was faulty and did not work. Schindler was now making a large amount of profits, but he noticed that all his money was going into saving and caring for his “Schindlerjuden” or Schindler’s children. The “Schindlerjuden” were always treated humanely. They were a;ways fed, never beaten, and none were ever killed. He told the officers that the skills his workers possessed were “essential” to the factory and were necessary to keep it...

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Oskar Schindler Essay

1118 words - 4 pages A GOOD MAN? Is Oscar Schindler a good man? Before beginning the movie, I couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that a member of the Nazi party would be anything but a monster. However, after watching "Schindlers List" I have come to the conclusion that Schindler deserves admiration and is nothing less than a good man. Initially, I stood by my original assessment of Schindler being a monster. He was completely self-serving. He moved away from his

History: Upstanders during the Holocaust Essay

680 words - 3 pages Dysentry. In 1945, the Schindlers spent all at their disposal to ensure the safety of the Jews, even Emilie’s jewels were sold to buy food, clothes and medicine. A secrecy sanatorium was established. The deceased when given a religious Jewish burial in a hidden graveyard. Paid for by the Schindlers. An Account recorded, states that 4 million German Marks were spent to keep the Jews out of Concentration Camps and Death Camps. The factory continued to

Oskar Schindler

1457 words - 6 pages factory in Czechoslovakia. This is when the famous "Schindlers List" began to form. On the list were the names and other information of around one thousand Jews who were needed at the new plant. The others were recommended by promiment local people. Others were added or removed by the Nazis for their financial benefit. Once the new factory was built, a train arrived carrying only male workers. All the women and children had been sent to

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736 words - 3 pages to the Nazis by presenting them with false figures. “One of his assistants drew several versions of a list of up to 1,200 Jewish prisoners needed to work in the new factory. These lists came to be known collectively as ‘Schindler's List’” (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). Schindler stayed at with the Jews and only left Brünnlitz when Soviet troops liberated the camp on May 5 of 1945. By this point, the Jews were safe, so he and his

Oskar Schindler (1908-1974)

950 words - 4 pages 900 Jewish workers in his factory compound in Zablocie and made his now famous list of the workers he would need for its operation.Amon Goeth, commandant of the Plaszow camp (USHMM Photo)The factory operated in its new location a year, making defective bullets for German guns. Conditions were grim, for the Schindlers as well as the workers. But Schindler saved most of these workers when he transferred his factory to Brunnlitz (Sudetenland) in

Movie Review of "Schindler's List"

1293 words - 5 pages did not truly understand what was going on. It was not until the last session of the list making that he figured it out. The list contained nearly one thousand names. Stern finally agreed to have the drink that Schindler had been offering him since their first meeting. The men workers left on the first train and were sent directly to Binnlitz, Czechoslovakia, Oskar Schindlers hometown, without much delay. The women however were

Surviving Against All Odds

1704 words - 7 pages . Helplessness and lonely just left to die with only one desire to be loved and live normal lives. How is this life truly if there is so much hatred. If there were more leveled headed thinking, would things be different? I think so. Would man view man equally and would the world appreciate man? If we as humanity had more control. No one would need to survive as there would be no danger. Works Cited Schindlers List-directed by Steven Speilberg Lord of the Flies-written by William Golding Survival-written by Iris Tennent Romanian babies-written by Iris Tennent Left for dead 2-survival based game

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2700 words - 11 pages What Makes a Hero When most people think of a hero, they think of some extraordinary, not an ordinary person with a heart. Oskar Schindler was one such person. The movie Schindler's List, directed by Steven Spielberg, is the story of how one man, Schindler, saved over 1,000 lives, and is a cinematic masterpiece. Spielberg truly brings Schindler to life, with all his good and bad points intact; the movie is very true to life, and gives

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Schindlers List Essay

549 words - 2 pages Schindlers List is a movie that takes place during WWII. The movie begins in Krakow, Poland just after the collapse of the Polish army, and at the beginning of the German occupation. Oskar Schindler, a tall handsome womanizer arrives in the city looking to open a factory in order to gain profits from the war. At the time, Jewish people were no long permitted to own a business, so Oskar obtains a factory from a Jewish man named Itzhak Stern, and

Schindlers List Essay

1726 words - 7 pages PLOT SUMMARY      The movie “Schindler’s list” is a compelling, real-life depiction of the events that occurred during the 1940’s. It illustrates the persecution and horrific killings of the Jewish people. It also exemplifies the hope and will of the Jewish people, which undoubtedly is a factor in the survival of their race. The most important factor however is because of the willingness of one man, Oskar Schindler, to

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1645 words - 7 pages Shindler's List Schindlers List "Memory is all we have, and when the memories are dreadful- when they hold images of the pain we have suffered or, perhaps inflicted- they are what we are try to escape" (Corliss 110). Steven Spielberg captures the audience in this critically acclaimed movie about the Holocaust. Schindlers List is a movie made to induce the mind into the unknown, the horrors of World War II. David Ansen states &quot