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At one point in our lives or another, we have all been to school, we have all been into the lunchroom, and we have all seen those few children that sit by themselves and don’t say anything, don’t look around, and don’t seem even the least bit interested. The greater parts of society looks at these odd children and then brushes them off and say to themselves “Oh they are just weird, I wouldn’t want to be their friend either.” But have you ever stopped and thought maybe its something deeper? Maybe these kids have a mental disorder that causes them to be that way. Maybe, just maybe, its not even their own choice but its forced upon them by abusive and neglectful parents that obliterate their children’s trust so far that they cant even function in society as a regular human being. This mental disorder is called Schizoid personality disorder. Schizoid personality disorder is a mental block that causes kids, and adults, to be completely shut- in and have no inclination to develop any type of personal relationships with other people. These persons tend to exhibit “secretiveness, inclination towards mystical pursuits, [excessive] shyness, sensitivity, and excessive day-dreaming” (Akhtar 500). With these characteristics prevailing, it is easy to see that persons with Schizoid personality disorder (SPD) find the incapability to function and have a regular life. Caused by abuse and neglect from parents, Schizoid personality disorder causes humans to be completely uninterested with relationships with other people, thus causing them to become unsuccessful members of society being unmarried, jobless, and ultimately homeless.
The cause of SPD has not been specifically pinpointed but there are many speculations on what it could be. Many scientists believe it could be because of a chemical surplus or deficit in the frontal lobe of the brain. The frontal lobe of the brain is part of the cerebral cortex and is the center in humans for the control of emotions, the decision of what is socially acceptable, and the decisions between right and wrong. Some of the chemicals may be low, or too high, causing a person to not be able to process decisions and emotions correctly (‘Schizoid Personality” 1). Another possibility is stress, emotional stress to be exact. This stress can originate from untimely deaths, financial stress, or traumatic situations (“Schizoid Personality” 1). The final and my personal belief of the cause are the parents and family of the effected. If the effected person grows up in a family of emotionally detached individuals, parents that abuse them, or parents that neglect them fully, they are at a dramatically increased risk of developing Schizoid personality disorder.
Children that grow up with schizoid personality disorder do not form deep relationships with anyone and usually do not seek help do to the fact that they feel misunderstood. If we do not seek relationships to build as young adults, marriage will not be coming anytime. As their...

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