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Did you know that during the American Revolution when the American colonists were at war with the British the chance of the colonists of winning were like modern-day America going up against an American tribe? This is why I love History. With History, I am able to find out how the colonists beat such tremendous odds. I have been around colleges all my life. I love the atmosphere of colleges. Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a Professor. At the time, I didn’t know in what subject, but I did still set my mind to be a college professor. Now that I am older, I have shortened my list to History. With History, there is always something new to learn. If it’s from 1600 Europe or the Revolutionary War, there is always something new that I can learn from the subjects. The most major contest I have won for history was when I was in the 8th grade (Which was only a year ago). I got a letter in the mail stating that I was a one of the select few that got the opportunity to show my knowledge in History. I was chosen because my AP History teacher sent in one of my essays. The test was a 100 question test of the major events from the American Revolution to the Civil War. It asked questions like: Who founded the first colony in Georgia? (James Oglethorpe in 1733), or who was the editor of the abolitionists paper, The Liberator? (William Lloyd Garrison). We also had to take a Map, Charts and Graphing skills test, which would later average up with my History test. I ended up tying for first place in the whole contest. I got a 98 on the History portion and a 95 on the Maps, Charts and Graphs portion. After I took this test, it really opened up my love for history. I adore reading books. Since I love to read, I am able to read the History textbook for fun! But unfortunately, these History textbooks can get expensive. I will usually spend hours at the library reading those huge encyclopedias just to write one paper. Since my reading skills are good, the encyclopedias aren’t that bad. With an Associates of Liberal Arts, I would be able to transfer to a college (preferably Loyola Chicago) and have a head start in obtaining a Bachelors degree in History. After I complete the Bachelors degree, I will pursue on getting a Masters and PHD. Once I have all my degrees, I want to get a job as professor at a college, perhaps even Pima.

The challenges I face the most are at my house. When I am at my house, I have many distractions, for instance, my great-grandmother. My great-grandmother is eighty five years old and has Alzheimer’s. Her dementia affects everybody that lives in the household, especially me. My great-grandmother most of the time thinks I am not part of the family, but instead she calls me the guest of the house. She will also take my computer bag, which...

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Scholarship Essay

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715 words - 3 pages of my age and educational disadvantage but I believe they will yield prolific results in future when I attain this degree. This scholarship, I believe, will make some step easier for me. If this scholarship is granted to me, I will ensure that I will not be the only individual who will benefit from it but also many underprivileged people who are deprived of basic necessities and whose future is bleak.

scholarship essay

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Scholarship Essay

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Scholarship Essay

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