School Of Rock: Selling It To The Man?

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Jack Black is very funny. He steals movies where he has supporting parts like High Fidelity, and his performance with Will Ferrell at the Oscars was the highlight of a very predictable awards show. Black’s persona is a fascinating paradox; I like the oxymoron that Entertainment Weekly recently created for him: the frenetic slacker. Black’s characters seem to be very passionate, but that energy is reserved for activities that seem to serve little “productive” value in our current economic order. Hence Barry, the part-time clerk who puts in full-time hours at Championship Vinyl in High Fidelity and berates customers whose tastes he finds offensive. Where the lead character Rob comes to the realization that emotionally he’s been living in an extended adolescent state and opts to grow up, Barry – and the Black persona more generally -- represents those dudes who, into their thirties, still behave like college sophomores.

Richard Linklater, whose breakthrough film, Slackers, depicted the life of twenty-somethings refusing to wholly buy into the workforce system, would seem an ideal choice to direct Black in School of Rock. Here Black plays Dewey Finn, a guitar player still dreaming of the big break, forgetting the Clash’s famous dictum, “if you’ve been trying for years, we already heard your song.” Dewey is threatened by his roommate Ned and Ned’s girlfriend with eviction if he doesn’t pay his share of the rent, but Dewey simply shrugs off the threat by believing his group will win this year’s battle of the bands. Dewey doesn’t even get along with his other bandmates: his solos are out of control, he mugs annoyingly to the crowd, and even does stupid frat boy stunts like diving into the crowd mid-song. For this, his band dumps him. Desperate, Dewey pretends to be Ned and gets a job at an exclusive private elementary school. Because the children are generally type A students, they expect to learn, while Dewey is mainly interested in his paycheck; he wants to give them recess until their injured teacher returns. But soon, Dewey learns that the children are learning music, and creates a “school project” – Rock Band – in order for him to create a group to compete in the battle of the bands.

School of Rock’s plot is not very original. The parents’ dislike of rock music resembles the grown-ups’ attitudes in countless early rock and roll film “classics” like Mister Rock and Roll or Don’t Knock the Rock, and like in those earlier films, the closed minds are opened by the end of the film. The “unconventional-but inspirational teacher” theme is also highly familiar; School of Rock could easily be called Dead Rockers Society, among other titles (Goodbye, Mr. Potato Chips?). The outsider who steps into a straight-laced social order and turns things around had one of its more successful turns in the nineties with the Whoopi Goldberg vehicle, Sister Act, where Whoopi’s “Sister Mary Clarence,” hiding in a convent from a killer whom she witnessed in the act,...

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