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Isabella Olic 10.3 Geography ! Geographical Process Geographical processes have both positive and negative impacts on the coast. At Cronulla beach the coastline was dissipating at an alarming rate due to geographical processes such as longshore drift and destructive waves which would eventually cause erosion. ! Longshore drift is the process that results in the movement of sand along the coastline. The wind and the waves have an enormous impact on this process as they transport the sand particles diagonally from one end of the coastline to the other. When the wind is coming from an angle it will result in the waves to move the sand in a zig-zag motion along the beach. This process happens at Cronulla beach, the sand has drifted to Eloura and as a result of this southern Cronulla has had minimal amount of sand. ! Another contributing geographical factor that has shade the coastline of Cronulla is destructive waves. Destructive waves are large high energy waves that fall steep and have a powerful backwash that remove sand and other materials. Cronulla has had issues with destructive waves in the past. In 1974 there was a season of destructive storms that severely wore away Cronulla's coastline, the waves undermined the shoreline and the entire community surrounding the beach was under threat of quickly becoming eroded into nothing. ! Groups involved Due to Cronulla being such a famous tourist attraction, many different groups have came up with ways to help prevent the destruction of natural geographic processes. The local Government has come up with some very effective ways to counteract these barriers. The major sign for management strategies to be taken into account was the catastrophic amount of erosion that happened in 1974. The season of storms and destructive waves caused widespread damage and tore up the coastline which left the Government in crucial need of a management strategy to protect the beach from any further damage. ! Firstly, the main strategy the local Government announced was the sea bee wall. The sea bee wall is a costly $2 million strategy to prevent further erosion on the coastline of Cronulla. Although some say that the sea bee wall is an "eye sore" it has significantly reduced the amount of erosion affecting Cronulla. The see bee wall is a hexagonal arrangement that breaks up the amount of energy given from the destructive waves...

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1226 words - 5 pages necessary. The tweed shire council has created a Tweed Shire Coastal Hazards Assessment, and with that a Kingscliff Beach Coastal Zone Management Plan will be developed and implemented. The Tweed Shire Coastal Hazards Assessment lists the main coastline hazards as beach erosion, shoreline recession, sand drift, coastal inundation, and slope and cliff instability. A review of the strategies within the Tweed Coastline Management Plan has also

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1210 words - 5 pages been lost to coastal erosion, leaving only artifacts and the remains of a few buildings (Black). From a slightly more modern perspective, a study conducted in 2000 by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) projected that over the next 60 years, of the 350,000 structures located within 500 feet of the United State’s 10,000 miles of coastline, 87,000 of these structures were likely to erode into the ocean or great lakes (“Evaluation of

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733 words - 3 pages generations can appreciate the serenity and value of the wetlands. Works Cited Anonymous, (2011) . Many Coastal Wetlands Likely to Disappear This Century, Scientists Say. Trends in Applied Sciences Research, 6(7), 772. Retrieved September 11, 2011, from ProQuest Central. (Document ID: 2442184441). Hong, S., Koh, C., Harris, R., Kim, J., Lee, J., & Ihm, B.. (2010). Land Use in Korean Tidal Wetlands: Impacts and Management Strategies. Environmental

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2751 words - 11 pages ). Retrieved on June 4, 2010. Rooney, J. F. (2008). An Early Resolution for Disputes. ADR Systems. Retrieved from Sustac, Zeno, Ignat, Claudiu (2001). "Alternative ways of solving conflicts (ADR)", Publisher: University, p. 242. University of Phoenix. (2006). Scenario: Coastal County Clerk of Court. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, MMPBL/540-Conflict Management website.

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803 words - 4 pages and fresh water are immiscible fluids which are separated by a sharp interface. This approach includes the diffusion and the effects of the hydrodynamic dispersion, the dependency of fluid density to flow and solute transport. Volker and Ruston’s (1982: ) model made use of the finite element method for salt water intrusion in coastal confined and unconfined aquifers. The dispersed interface approach requires there to be considered that a

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1489 words - 6 pages sustainable economic development. Retrieved from Deveaux, E. (n.d.). Integrated Coastal Zone Management has to become a way of life for The Bahamas. Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas. Draft Sustainable Tourism Model. (2013, February 6). Retrieved from Edwards, J. D. (2004

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2370 words - 9 pages necessary to attempt to control the effects of the sea. The main reasons for coastal management are to protect the coast from the erosive effects of the sea and to increase the amount of sand on the beach. Many strategies have been tried around the world, and these can be divided into two main groups, hard and soft engineering. Hard engineering methods aim to stop the coastal processes from occurring. Soft engineering methods try

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834 words - 3 pages nothing. ! Groups involved Due to Cronulla being such a famous tourist attraction, many different groups have came up with ways to help prevent the destruction of natural geographic processes. The local Government has come up with some very effective ways to counteract these barriers. The major sign for management strategies to be taken into account was the catastrophic amount of erosion that happened in 1974. The season of storms and destructive

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