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Activity: Chapter 9

After spending an afternoon interviewing my elderly neighbours I gained insight into how they perceive the aging process and its impact on the quality if their lives. First, and foremost they viewed aging in a very positive and healthy manner. The believed that a positive attitude assists in accepting physical and psychosocial changes. They enjoyed the fact that they were both physically fit and cognitively alert. They both felt confident that with the advances made in health care that the quality of their lives would continue to empowering. They enjoyed the benefits of being Senior Citizens, discounted travel, free education, and other incentives marketed towards the aged. The expressed a sense of well-being with respect to the numerous housing options geared towards the graying population, such as Retirement Villages, and assisted living. However, the subject of Long Term Care or Nursing Home placement was something that they both regarded with very negative emotions. There was also a sense of sadness and longing for more contact with their offspring and grandchildren. In countries like China where grandparents are an integral part of the family, the United States has seen a major shift away from the nuclear family.
It is my personal belief that America is a nation that suffers from ageism. It is the fear of growing old and the stereotypes that aging brings that causes ageism. Daily we are faced with advertisements that focus on youth, on looking, feeling, and acting young. However, as baby boomers move closer to the age of retirement this age grade, have and will make intelligent, empowering demands on how they are viewed.
Age sets are defined as groups uniting individuals born during a specific time. These group associations unite members through material possessions, distinctive dance, and rituals. As a collective, this age set move together through their life span. In the United States where the concept of individuality is important, we do not see the practice of age sets. There...

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