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Through completion and comparison of LEAD Service Projects, I have learned much about the community and myself. Through comparison, perception, leadership, and reflection we can see the validity of this statement.

While comparing projects with Jarrett Jennings I recognized many similarities. We both gained more passion for our respective issues. We both want to continue to contribute to the communities and we understand the importance of staying involved. By helping at the Second Harvest Food Bank, Jarrett was able to be in an environment that encouraged further participation rather than isolated work. He helps separate potatoes based on quality as he continues to communicate with the diverse group of people that work and volunteer there. He notices that there are many characters that range from convicts, to scouts, to executives that want to help the community. He gains life experience by learning from other people’s mistakes and their successes. He does not yet comprehend what it means to be truly hungry, but with continued effort and more experience with the customers, he soon will. By becoming a chair member for VUCF’s Different Abilities, I have taken a crucial step to understanding the community of people with disabilities. With my previous knowledge, I was able to step up and lead three different events. They include Buddy Training 101, Childcare for DSFF, and Abilities Field Day. At Buddy Training 101, I was able to stand in for staff and teach the basics of etiquette when dealing with people who have disabilities. While at Childcare for DSFF, I lead a group of volunteers as we watched over kids with Down Syndrome. These kids had an amazing time, as well as the volunteers. My favorite event was Abilities Field Day. While there, I managed to set up the event’s games, scavenger hunt, and sports. Then, I watched over three kids with autism. I made a decision to help the kids focus on attractions rather than each other. By peaking their interests in visual cues, I was able to get them to work well together. This is a huge change, because less than 50 years ago, these kids would end up in mental facilities. This had a major impact on how I view the community as a whole. Individuals with disabilities are now able to do more than ever. Thanks to new technologies, and forward thinking minds, we are able to get by in society, as a member, without anyone being able to tell the difference. For this, I am truly grateful to live in the modern era. I want to keep pushing the group of minorities forward. I would like to see the day when nothing really matters, when we are all just human beings. This experience has increased my desire and understanding of why it is crucial to stay an active member of the community.

Jarrett Jennings has great leadership potential. By applying what he has learned in class, he is now actively engaging with others outside of his comfort zone. I can see Jarret being a great servant leader as he leads by example. Another...

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