Shannon Richardson: Findings Before And After Her Arrest For Mailing Ricin Laced Letters

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Born on August 31, 1977 Shannon Rogers, now Shannon Guess Richardson, 35 years old, is an Irish American was raised by her father Terry Rogers after being abandoned by her mother at the age of two. Her Father worked at General Motors in Doraville Georgia. Shannon has been married three times and has six children. The most recent child was born on July 4, 2013, while Shannon was in custody, for the sending of the three ricin laced letters. Five of the children are from previous relationships and their names are Branden, Allen, Taylor, Ethan and Logan. The sixth child is from her currently separated husband, Nathan Richardson. Nathan has filed for divorce. The most recent child was born four months prematurely. His name is Brody Nathaniel Richardson and he is currently in the custody of his father. Shannon Richardson has been arrested for mailing threatening letters,” a violation of 18 U.S. CODE § 876” (Spiropoulos, 2013). This paper will go in to detail on the findings before and after her arrest.
According to her Biography and filmography on IMDb Shannon Richardson is educated in paralegal studies and also has a teaching degree. Her hobbies include playing flute and writing travel articles. She often visited Ireland and also enjoyed travelling other places. She previously wrote articles for but after doing some searching it seems her writings have been removed from the website. Shannon was also an actress with roles in the following; “The Walking Dead (2010), The Vampire Diaries (2009), and The Blindside” (2011) (Snuffles).
Shannon Richardson confessed to mailing the letters on 6 June 2013 with the claim that her husband made her do it, this was an attempt to set him up. She was arrested on 7 June 2013 in Texarkana, Texas for allegedly sending three letters laced with the deadly ricin toxin. Initially she claimed it was her estranged husband who sent the letters but authorities found out later that she was trying to frame him for the crime. She has currently been federally indicted for the following charges; two counts for mailing threatening communication and one count for making a threat to the President, Barak Obama. The most current news on the case is that she has signed a plea bargain to cap her sentence to 18 years federal imprisonment. The plea bargain was signed on December 10, 2013. Attorneys have stated that the charges without the plea bargain would have beckoned a life sentence.
Review of the letters and dates they were mailed and received along with the text contained in each; the letter to President Barack Obama, which tested positive for ricin poison, was intercepted at the White House before it reached him. It was post marked and processed in Shreveport, Louisiana in their processing center. The Shreveport processing center uses the Mail Isolation Control and Tracking (MICT) program in conjunction with the Automated Facer Canceller System, (AFCS). These processes allow them to photograph every piece of...

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