Should Alcohol Be Sold In Grocery Stores In Bc?

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What if a country “contributes to 500,000 injuries, 70,000 cases of sexual assault, and 1,400 deaths” (McCormick, Cohen, Corrado, Clement, & Rice, p.i)? This is the truthful record from the United States. Did you imagine how serious consequence can alcohol brings to human? If you realize this terrible outcome, would you still wish to have alcohol selling in grocery stores? Three factors are associated with consumption, including price, convenience, and business hours. First, reducing the alcohol’s price would have the growth of consumption; in contrast, a price increase would lead to decrease consumption. Also, British Columbia is the only province not selling grocery stores in Canada. However, a research shows that binge drinking is a common activity among college-aged students (McCormick et al., 2007). Therefore, there would be more and more people have binge drinking habit if they can conveniently purchase alcohol in the grocery stores. Furthermore, some grocery stores have longer business hours, night sales are linked to drinking contexts that influence our behaviors. Obviously, alcohol should not be sold in BC’s grocery stores in order to maintain the public health, prevent social issues, and retain a better home environment.
First of all, public health is one of the important factors. Some people believe that the association between alcohol and health problems may not be causal due to “a study from Statistics Canada indicated that moderate consumption of alcohol is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease among women aged 40 or older”(Corrigan, 2003). However, alcohol in grocery stores would increase the risk of getting diseases such as liver and stomach diseases and contracting human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Generally, it is not easy to have HIV if you only have basic communication with other people. On the other hand, having close contact such as sex with others would raise the probability of living with HIV. There is several studies show that drinking alcohol is related to HIV. After drinking, people are less likely to use condoms when they have sexual activities. According to “Off-Premise Alcohol Sales Policies, Drinking, and Sexual Risk among People Living With HIV”, Collins, Taylor, Elliott, Ringel, Kanouse, and Beckman discovers that “HIV-positive residents of states allowing liquor sales in drug and grocery stores had 70% to 88% greater odds of drinking, daily drinking, and binge drinking than did HIV-positive residents of other states” (p.1890). In other words, HIV-positive citizens in a country which permits alcohol to sell in drug and grocery stores have higher chances to have drinking habits. In addition, another study also indicates that those HIV-positive residents relate to alcohol use because “ 39.6% had engaged in sex after drinking under HIV infection status, 44.6% of whom had never used condoms and only 8.1% had consistently used condoms for sex after drinking” (Luo, Duan, Duan, Pu, Yang, Ding, Gao, & He,...

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