Should Animals Have Rights? Essay

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This very moment an animal somewhere is being mistreated. Animals have been living with humans for thousands of years, during that time they have been typically viewed as soulless creatures. Animals are living creatures and should not be tested on, abused, or used for entertainment (“The Issues”).
Animal testing’s main goal is to experiment with new medicines, vaccines, cosmetic products, and house hold cleaners. Every year all throughout the world up to 100 million animals are tested on. After doctors are done with their test subjects they are usually killed as to doctors there is no further use for a wounded suffering animal (Gail 18-19). Monkeys are known as some of the most clever and smart animals in the world. Monkeys are actually often compared to humans, so why are humans holding these creatures in cold metal cages awaiting to be experimented on. A lot are cut open alive without any medicine to drown out the pain (McGhee 20-23). That favorite lipstick people buy could have been on an animal first before you. Cosmetic testing is a serious issue that occurs often. Innocent bunnies and other living animals go through the pain of rashes and loss of hair from the reaction of the cosmetic. These type of testing’s usually lead to the animal’s death (“The Issues”).
People have probably seen one time or another a sad animal commercial with the heartbreaking music playing in the background. People probably change the channel immediately thinking it’s all crap. But if someone does any research, animal abuse in the world is real. Animal abuse can be physical or mental. Ignoring a pet for months on end probably is a sign that they shouldn’t be having a pet in the first place. Pets need love and affection just like anyone else. Another serious issue is the physical abuse given to an animal. Either if it’s an animal trespassing on land that’s shot on sight or a house pet that is getting beaten for being a nuisance (“The Animal Rights Debate”). This is all morally wrong, animals do not have a voice. This is why we are there voice, and we must protect them.
According to the 2004 IUCN Red List of...

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