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While studying the World religion textbook one of our chapters assigned was about Buddhism. I found the chapter very intriguing, since I am Christian that has not had much religion experiences outside of Christianity. The Buddhism chapter was very refreshing to read. I was captivated by the culture that I had to know more about it. That is why I decided to write about early Buddhism origins and practices in India.
The word Buddhism represents “to awaken”. It emanates from two thousand five hundred years ago when the Buddha touched Nirvana. “Siddhartha Gautama aka the Buddha came from an imperial family in Lumbini in five hundred sixty-three BC. When he was twenty-nine he realized that wealth and luxury did not guarantee happiness, he explored different teachings that could lead him to happiness and others (Coleman, James William 2012)”. What this show is the background of how Buddhism was created. Buddhism has become more than just a religion it’s basically a standard way of living that instills a philosophy which means love of wisdom. The Buddhist people like to live very moral lives; they become more mindful and aware of thoughts and actions, which develop into wisdom and understanding for themselves and others. Their purpose in life is to clear up apparent unfairness and inequality around the world, and provide a code of practices or ways of life that leads to true happiness. The religion gives many answers to the problems in modern materialistic societies; it also provides a deep understanding of the human mind which adapted the idea from many years ago.
From the very early start during the Buddha lifetime in India there was a state of religious and national turmoil. “Nomadic puritans flourished, sects, and educators were advocating different philosophical views and religious practices to the people in India. Leaving several of these sects derived from the Brahmanical custom whereas others opposed the Vedic and Upanishadic concepts of those customs (“Buddhism” 2013). What this means is that the religion Buddhism denied both the Vedic ritual and the caste system, which they then spread its teachings using native languages rather than Brahmanical Sanskrit. To put it bluntly, this was by far the most successful of the unorthodox or non-Vedic systems. Their tradition expresses Gautama being a prince that was raised in luxury then renounce to the world his luxuries to find solutions to the problem of anguish of innate in human conditions. Then after six years of spiritual discipline he accomplished ultimate enlightenment and spent the remaining forty-five years of his schooling life and creating a community of nuns, monks, the Sangha, to carry on his work.
When Gautama aka the Buddha passed away four hundred eighty-three BC his teachings were orally spread around until the first century BC, until they were actually published in writing around the fourth century. Many people around that time had conflicting beliefs about monastic practices as...

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