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Executive Summary: “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill
In the book “Think and Grow Rich,” the author, Napoleon Hill, provides a set of principles that he calls the key to financial success. The idea at the center of these principles is that one becomes what he or she frequently thinks about, in this case success (i.e. rich). Hill lays out a method he created to translate one’s thoughts into reality, creating an insatiable hunger and drive within an individual to succeed. Using the examples of his son and some of America’s legendary iconic business leaders, of which Hill studied and interviewed, including Edwin C. Barnes, he demonstrates that anything one puts his or her mind to can be produced and conceived.
“…[All] who have accumulated great fortunes, first did a certain amount of dreaming, hoping wishing, desiring, and planning before they acquired the money” (pg.26). Every success starts with a goal, and the first step towards achieving ones goal is to have a burning desire. The characteristics of a burning desire is that it is definite and that one thinks and dreams about it, thus eventually becoming a positive, healthy consuming obsession in life required for motivation. Definite, meaning that a person has a specific goal in mind while putting all his or her energy toward it and not giving up until it is attained. A major pitfall is that most people only see “becoming rich” as a hope or a wish. When an obstacle comes along, instead of trying really hard to overcome it, people give up, taking the easy way out. People fail to realize that success comes as a result of overcoming some crisis through persistence. Any idea can come true if one truly believes in it. Take Edwin C. Barnes, for example.
Barnes had a burning desire to work with the greatest inventor, Thomas Edison, as a business associate. Although Barnes was faced with major obstacles, such as having no money for travel and not knowing Mr. Edison, he made the life decision to make his dream become reality. For months, he was doing unimportant work earning nominal wages, but Barnes was determined to get the job he was seeking. Eventually, when the opportunity came, Barnes earned a partnership with Edison later becoming successful and rich. Although Barnes started with nothing, from his definite desire he knew what he wanted, and stood by it until he realized it. After one has acquired a burning desire, it needs to be repeated to the mind religiously to become embedded into the subconscious mind. Everyone holds an ultimate belief system found in the subconscious mind, and that is what is being reflected in every result. This method is reinforcing certain words which could be done through repetition because it is through one’s subconscious mind that one creates what he or she believes. One should not expect results after reading the book once because everything presented in the book needs to be practiced. One must repeatedly reinforce their plan, desire, and goals by the use...

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