Smarts Over Strength In Odyssey Essay

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In High school being physically strong is important. Your chances of being bullied will be minimized , and you will be successful in athletics. However, this with no sense is the case With Homers’ book the Odyssey ; when applied to reasons for Odysseus’ success . In fact, throughout the Odyssey one can notice that Odysseus succeeded because of his unmatched guile; Not by strength, which is something that we know he is not lacking. He shows that cunning is more important for his success when facing the problem of the suitors ravaging his home, when he defeats the Cyclops Polyphemus, and when he has to make shrewd decisions.
To begin with, Odysseus is able to defeat Polyphemus by his cunning. Odysseus’ men are eaten alive by Polyphemus. Odysseus wants to attack Polyphemus right there and then, but he is able to think ahead and know that only the Cyclops can move the prodigious boulder. In doing so, Odysseus is able to control his rage and come up with a new scheme that will lead to their success. Next, Odysseus put his plan into play, and when asked by Polyphemus what his name is Odysseus replies by saying “Nobody”. This shows that cunning is important to Odysseus success. As he is again able to think ahead, and know that when Polyphemus calls for help he will be saying Nobody is killing him. Thus taking away the threat of the other Cyclops coming to Polyphemus’ aid, and allowing Odysseus to succeed. Odysseus cunning also shows when he tells his men to cling onto the sheep as they go out to graze. Which means that they will be able to leave Polyphemus’ cave undetected and unharmed. Overall, Odysseus is able to escape Polyphemus due to his cunning not by his strength.
Next, Odysseus shows that intelligence outclasses strength on his arrival to his beloved Ithaca. He shows this when he plans with Telemachus, Eumaeus, Athena, and Philoteus. He uses his intelligence to come up with a useful stratagem to defeat the suitors; Instead of him rushing in and taking them on by force. In doing this, he is able to muster up an infallible stratagem that leads to his victory...

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