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Snake Charmer: a Life and Death in Pursuit of knowledge.
Everyone has an achievement, an end goal, they wish to accomplish during their lifetime. The fortunate have found their passion and will pursue it as long as they live. For some, the passion which they wish to pursue is a risky one, full of danger and chance. However terrifying it may be to the general population, these dare-devils charge their goals anyway, risking life and limb to accomplish their dreams. This begs the question at hand, is a risky life passion worth pursuing if death seems probable? The answer is, without the slightest hesitation, yes. Take, for instance, the 42 year old by the name of Bruce Eric Matthews. Bruce had ...view middle of the document...

Look upon the divers off the coast of San Diego, who have repeatedly been attacked by the 1.5 meter Humboldt squid. The attacks have left a bad taste in some divers’ mouths, pushing them from the water for good. The true veterans are the ones that stay and fight the squid for their right to dive. These divers remain even if it means death. (Evenings Standard Deep sea 17). Their burning passion cannot be extinguished by the water of a small defeat.
When confronted with a pulse pounding task, passion typically outweighs danger. A premier example of this is beautifully portrayed in the movie Journey to the center of the earth. The primary protagonist is a geologist who is obsessed with seismic activity. During the removal of a seismic probe, which measures the seismic activity in the region, a thunderstorm rolls in. The metallic probe, which is the product of years of dedication and research, is drawing lightning strikes in his direction. Despite facing seemingly inexorable electrocution, the professor maintains a tight grasp on the probe until reaching safety. (Brevig 08). Another exquisite instance of a person asserting passion over life is the story of Dean Higgins. Mr. Higgins had a love for mountain climbing surpassed only by the love he had for his family. Mr. Higgins made a fateful decision to take his family to camp at the base of Mount Everest. Sadly, while his...

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