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Many government and community organizations have worked to fill the need of its citizens through social welfare programs. In fact, the American welfare system was designed to benefit impoverished Americans or those affected by serious medical problems (Wikimedia, 2013). These important welfare systems among others have helped shape the American economy. In creating programs that encourage (or lawfully force) candidates to seek employment after a period, promotes economic growth and development. In the U.S there are two prominent social welfare programs: Social Security and Medicare (Krugman, 2007). These two programs have helped many Americans become secure in basic necessities such as healthcare, food and shelter. In order for change to come, there must be a need; where there is a need there is a community. In order for the welfare system to function and grow, important community organizing can be central to the birth of such systems. We will discuss how welfare systems aid, as well as how community organizing has helped bring about change in the welfare system.

TANF or Temporary Assistance for Needing Families is an American federal assistance program that provides temporary monetary stipends to low income families and/or those permanently handicapped. According to statistics about 4 million Americans receive TANF-funded aid (Matrix Group International, Inc.). Many families depend solely on the benefits of this program. One example is Marsha who is a mother to 7. She was once married to a man who religious beliefs dictated they have many children. Marsha a homemaker was forced to leave the community of her husbands group because she sent her children to public school, which was forbibben. Soon thereafter, she received divorce papers from her husband of 15 years. Marsha had never worked nor had she any skills that equated to jobs available in the current market. She spoke with a counselor in her children’s school that helped her apply for TANF. She and her family began receiving food stamps, and monthly allotments. Marsha was also able to learn skills in an internship working for Goodwill. Eventually, Marsha got a job and no longer receives TANF benefits. Marsha is an example of how this government program is designed to help; the goal is to provide assistance enough for people to become self sufficient.

My Grandmother received a debilitating spinal injury lifting a patient as a nurse in a major hospital. She went through many years of battling her employer to fight for her workers compensation. She...

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