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The level of inequality has been drastically reduced over, but it still exists today even though it may not be as obvious. One crucial turning point in the history of inequality is the time of slavery. This is when inequality could not have been higher because non-white people, especially African-Americans, had virtually no rights at all. A turning point on the opposite side of this spectrum would be the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950’s and ‘60s. This is the time when segregation was outlawed, eliminating a large portion of racial discrimination and inequality in the United States. Even though the Civil Rights Movement helped the situation of inequality tremendously, racial inequality still exists, and there are no laws enforcing it, so it cannot be seen as clearly. Today, even though it cannot be seen as clearly, white people are likely to be accepted into a job or school over a non-white person. Also, whites are probably going to receive a better education than non-whites.
Class is a defined as “people in similar social and economic positions, who have similar opportunities in life, and who would benefit by the same kinds of government policies” (Manza, Arum, & Haney, 2013, p. 237). Different classes from the chapter are the upper, middle, and lower classes. A person’s class is normally defined by their wealth. Someone in the upper class is likely going to have more wealth and will have much better life opportunities. Someone in the middle class would likely be of average wealth and would not have the same chances as someone in the upper class, but would be better off than someone in the lower class. Someone in the lower class is going to have a higher chance of being in poverty, and will likely suffer more inequality because of their inequality. People in the lower class are often going to be people of color.
Two major forms of inequality are education and income equality. The relation is that if your income is unequal, you are likely going to suffer inequality in your educational opportunities. Also, if you are poorer or live in a city with less wealth, the schools you have access to are going to be much lower quality. African-Americans and other people of color are likely going to be subject to this inequality because they often have a lower income and live in poor urban areas and are going to have unequal access to schools. White people are often going to have higher incomes than people of color, so they are going to have better access to schools. Even though it may seem strange, Asian Americans are probably going to have better access to education because they tend to put a higher emphasis on it. Even though it may seem right that they have better education because they think higher of it, it does not mean other people of color, such as African-Americans, should have unequal access purely because of where they live.

The films all show how the workers experience inequality because of their unequal access to better pay. Because of their...

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