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Enlighten the United States How about living a life where you cannot be discriminated by your age, sex, race and color. Live a life that is full of peace and happiness. A life where use your intellect and reasoning are first comers in life. Live a life where individualism and self-improvement are key roles. There was a core period of time when people could express their individualism, religious tolerance and self-opinionated opinions. But on top of this period, there was scientific logic and reasoning behind it. No! This is not heaven but it was a time in place known as the Enlightenment. The core period of the Enlightenment was second half of the eighteenth century. It was an age characterized by a restless spirit of inquiry"”a century of challenge. A new life was awake and stirred in the mind of men. Tradition, which had been long venerated, became the objects of searching investigation and criticism. The authority of the church of the state and of the school was no longer regarded as the court of last appeal .The old beliefs, which failed to justify themselves at the bar of reason were discarded. The foundations of time-honored systems seemed shifting and uncertain. There was an insistent demand for the free play of the individual judgment. There was, also, a constant reference to the light of reason, the inner illumination shining, bright and clear in contrast to the shadows of mysticism, or to the false and flickering light of dogmatism. Hence the name of the age of illumination, or enlightenment,--the name, also, of the age of reason. In a society where individual are seeking self-individualism and self-improvement, Today society would most benefit from the Enlightenment period in which there tradition would show more self-actualization and religious tolerance where individualism is maximizing day by day. Over the past few years the topic of discrimination has been in the spotlight. People committing religious crime as burning down other people churches and holy grounds or even setting burning crosses on the other people's property to symbolizing the death of Jesus. Pursuing Enlightenment philosophy would give religious tolerance and more respect all cultures and religion. For example, In The Age of Reason, Paine states, "I do not mean by this declaration to condemn those who believe otherwise; they have the same right to their belief as I have to mine" (897). Paine is emplacing that although he does not mock in any particular religion, each individual has his or her right to freedom of religion. Look at the Islamic religion, if you do not fast or pray five times a day you will be sinned and believed to have devil like qualities. A person should not critique a person's culture or belief as long as they believe in something. Religions are sending a statement that if one does not believe and do what that particular religion says, he or she will be sinned. Discrimination today varies from religion background and color to sex....

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