Southwest Airlines’ Grand Strategies Recommendations Essay

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Grand strategies, often called master or business strategies, provided basic direction for strategic actions. There are many grand strategies that Southwest Airline can chose from when considering which strategies match with their company’s strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
Southwest Airlines is excellent in planning out their long-term goals. The above SWOT analysis proved that the company is successfully carrying out the cost leadership strategy to manipulate their competitors and boost up their company. Their mission in providing Low Fare cost is one of the best strategy that they can have to increase their market share, but not just that it also put a significant increase in the demand of air travel. Southwest Airline rapid rewards program is brilliant, so they should continue and expand it even more.
Southwest Airline employees mainly belong to the Union and they are mainly full time workers. Since the Union has demand more services and benefits for their members, the company gain limited profit. To fix this the company should hire more part time workers instead of full time workers because they do not have to provide full benefits and instead focusing on gaining profit. And also, Southwest Airlines should make all flights within the states point-to-point flights, and give their employees a strict time lines to alleviate delays. This will keep an accurate time frame for customers. As far as the flight concerns, Southwest Airline has only one dependable flights, which it is very dangerous when it comes to safety, but the good thing about that is an inexpensive cost for maintaining the aircraft. The safety of the customers are very important, so Southwest should increase at least one more dependable aircraft just in case of something happened to the other one.
Customer service was superior for Southwest Airline, but many of their weaknesses can give their competitor many...

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