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The family movie for children about incredibly adult mindsets and worldviews.
Asking the age old question who are we why do we do the things that we do?

The problem is choice Neo.

Personally speaking, obviously, I get a little lost when comes to this kind film type set. I want to say something like Finding Function within its Fashion. Or something mystically meaningless similar that.

But in what I want to do, most likely out of a broken taste set and unhealthy affection for the self-defined idea of the ‘unconventional’ I find myself asking above all and completely out of bias: What is a film saying, what is it doing with what it is saying, and does it make sense?

Speed Racer doesn’t really do any of those things in that it’s goal it to be a cohesive unit as much as it just wants your attention given its almost disconcertingly bright paint job, somewhat inventive visuals, and expressive animations.

Familiarity with the Speed Racer franchise really does not require knowledge much more than a kid named Speed Racer is working as a provisional secret agent driving a fast super car, has a girlfriend, family motor business, and is literally chasing the ghost of his dead older brother’s legacy etc etc.

But Speed succeeds in his endeavors against whomever.

It’s predetermined causality with this kind of film. Good guy wins after a struggle because he is the good guy.

To credit it’s source material and the filmmakers however it does attempt to start out with a bit of a question of the inevitability of the plot even daring to ask a bolder question, “So it was all for nothing” in reference to at least half of the second act that I’m still trying to digest completely. Add in a rather refreshing, but anticlimactic, reveal in the third that can be guessed outright rather easily just by mentioning it here. Masked racers named X don’t remain masked.

Then a child and a monkey streamline down a...

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