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From a very young age, I knew I had an inclination towards helping people. This inclination was not limited to people within familiarity. I wanted to help the whole world. Now, this train of thought isn’t uncommon for a young girl; as a child it’s perpetual to want involvement in something bigger than one's self. This drive to help was so intrinsically integrated within me that its momentum pulsated through my veins. Where did this feeling come from? Well, growing up in an environment in which few people believed in me, I felt shy, helpless, and incapable of forming change. This feeling of impotence was the catalytic inertia that drove me towards my ultimate life purpose: To help people overcome the helplessness that afflicted me. This intellectual pursuit of mentor-ship and committing myself to the betterment of society, was the beginning of a life-long journey. This journey began and is deeply rooted in church. Growing up in a religious environment, I ...view middle of the document...

Though this involvement in church was more than adequate, I was in search for more. Initially, I felt a sense of uneasiness about volunteering my service within my community. It is at these moments in which I meditate and I remember the words of my mother : “In order to become a vehicle of change, one must first realize that an environment conducive to change may not always occur in a comfortable setting”. Taking action and stepping out of my comfort zone enabled me to develop the necessary leadership skills. These skills evolved as I became a member of Teen Advisory Board at Milwaukee Public Library to volunteer and create programs for adolescents and kids. Also, I participate in the Superintendents Student Council, which brings students from Milwaukee Public Schools to discuss issues within the school’s system. What I am most proud of is my contribution as a co-editor in Mac’Zine, which is my school’s online magazine. In this, my fellow students and I provide an outlet for the student body to be expressive through writing, art and photography. While the task of producing and implementing the ideas of others and myself to reality is demanding, it’s rewarding to see the concluding outcome of our hard work. From these involvements, I began to comprehend the true sense of service: that it’s not the quantity of work, but the quality and intent behind the work. As I began my journey to further my education and develop into a proactive proponent within society, I know that there is no other learning institution that can support my pursuits better than Spelman. This school's reputation, customs, and abundant amount of opportunities provides an conducive space that produces young black women into future leaders. Spelman's environment will help formulate a solid foundation to cultivate my skills and shape me to my supreme potential. I recall times when I felt powerless and incapable of commencing change, but by contributing service to my community, I now recognize that I am capable of anything. With the addition of an educational establishment like Spelman as my backbone, I know that I will have what's necessary to epitomize a positive model of what every young women should be. I want to represent what Spelman's founding women, Harriet E. Giles and Sophia B. Packard, aspired to teach.

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