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In high school, there proved different types of people, ones who focused on academics only, ones into fine arts, ones who didn’t care, the ones who are average and the ones who play sports. When I attended high school, I participated in athletics consistently for all four years. There come many good effects from playing sports in high school: you stay active and healthy, and you keep up with grades, and learn lifelong lessons.
Playing sports consists of constant running, jumping, and other strenuous physical activity. For three hours a day, six days a week I played volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter, then water polo in the spring. When active, you burn calories and gain muscle. I noticed during high school, I was so skinny to the point of my family asking me: “When was the last time you ate some food?”. Other than the constant questions, I was happy about my appearance, and had good self-esteem cause of ...view middle of the document...

Every Wednesday during basketball season, our couch would receive progress grades for each player. She would check our grade and if you didn’t have satisfactory grades in her eye you could not play until the next progress report came in. Instead of playing, you would come watch practice/games, and do your homework. My water polo coach was a lot different. He would allow you to miss a practice if you needed to do your homework or study, but you had to stay at the pool and watch practice. My volleyball coach, the most laid back of the three, held us responsible for our own work, and had high expectations for us. This high expectation, threat of not playing, and having to miss practices motivated me to keep my grades up throughout high school. Most may say it’s extremely difficult because there isn’t much time to study or do homework, but those people didn’t know what they were saying. I kept up good grades and learned the important life lesson of time management.
Lastly, participating in high school sports taught me many life long lessons that I will never forget. I learned teamwork, leadership, responsibility, and commitment. I feel like I learned the most playing basketball. Our coach taught us responsibility through the importance of keeping track of many items (i.e two uniforms, bags, warm up outfit, travel gear). She taught me that it doesn’t matter if you prefer to lead vocally or by example; leadership remains an important quality to have. My senior year I learned the majority of my leadership skills as a co-captain of the varsity team. Not the loudest person, I lead by example, stayed positive, and worked hard for my team. I hoped that my positivity would rub off on the other girls, and usually i succeeded. When playing with a team, teamwork plays a crucial role. It acts as the glue of the team. Without teamwork, you’ll see girls on the court or in the pool just arguing with each other, and that isn’t fun. There stands one thing I know will always stay with me, the life lesson of commitment. It takes a ton of commitment to stick with a sport for one season, even more to stick to more than one sport, and then even more to stick with three sports for four years.

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