Sprint Organization Structure Strategy Management.

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Sprint is now organized around three major divisions - one focused on individual (consumer) customers, one focused on business customers, and one focused on its local telephone service (for both residential and small business customers).Sprint offers an extensive range of innovative communication products and solutions, including global IP, wireless, local and multi-product bundles. A Fortune 100 company with more than $27 billion in annual revenues in 2004, Sprint is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying state-of-the-art network technologies, including the United States' first nationwide all-digital, fiber-optic network; an award-winning Tier 1 Internet backbone; and one of the largest 100-percent digital, nationwide wireless networks in the United States.Operationally, the company has aligned its internal resources to mirror customer segments and needs, rather than the products and services it provides. This enables Sprint to more effectively and efficiently use its portfolio of assets to create customer-focused communications solutions.Sprint Business Solutions.Sprint Business Solutions (SBS) provides a broad range of communications services to domestic and international businesses, from multinational corporations to small businesses. SBS provides retail and wholesale local, long distance, data and wireless services, tailoring integrated offers to meet the particular needs of each business customer segment.Sprint Consumer Solutions.Sprint Consumer Solutions (SCS) provides local, long distance, and wireless services - individually or in product bundles - to residential customers. With more than 15,600 distribution points, including Sprint stores and kiosks and third party channels, Sprint is one of the leaders in the number of entry points for customers.Sprint Local Telecommunications Division.Sprint Local Telecommunications Division (LTD) provides local and long distance services, including an expanding portfolio of bundled and integrated wireline and wireless services, as well as broadband and video services, to consumers in markets where Sprint is the Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC). Sprint LTD serves nearly 7.7 million access lines in 18 states.Sprint Organization StructureSprint has more than X individuals available in its core groups for Sprint's services. These include, but are not limited to, the following functional specialties:*Order Administrators.*Project Planners*Provisioners*Access Planners*Implementers*Testers.GSD's Office.The Sprint Government Systems Division's (GSD) organization with the Sprint serving as the customer interface and the core commercial structure performing all the key implementation functions. Sprint GSD has a full complement of program managers, project managers and engineers who will be dedicated to maintain the network.Sprint has the strongest management team in the telecommunications industry. Its experience in numerous network elements has provided the basis for the structure...

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