Standardization Of Language Essay

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Standardization of Language

Language is a method in which individuals communicate to get their opinion and ideas across to the other party. It varies in its communication methods; it can be verbal and physical i.e. body language. A language is significantly related to the speaker’s language culture and identity, any alteration in language causes an effect on identity. Therefore I believe that language should be standardized under specific rules, regulations that support the language and prevent merging with other languages to avoid cultural assimilation. However, this standardization does not discriminate or disallow any other language to be practiced, by accepting diversity i.e. allowing English to be spoken in a Spanish speaking country, but disallowing Spang-lish. Thus I believe that language blend is unacceptable. Moreover, with rules and regulations speakers should respect their language and avoid its alternation, since it is part of who they are and what makes them special.

Arabic is a language that is an example of a language that is spoken with rules and regulations that govern it, these rules come from the holy Quran. When Arabic goes through grammatical alteration, the language loses its richness, and no longer sounds the tough language that makes it special worldwide. Currently, with all the westernization occurring in the Arab world, many have diverted from the standard Arabic. Families have changed their first language to English; from my point of view, this is an appalling sight since, children are no longer able to communicate in their mother tongue, and religion wise unable to read the holy Quran, which is big part of Islam. A new suave ‘modern’ language that has become more widespread is anglicized Arabic, this occurred from the merge between the two languages.

From my point of view, I believe that language is dynamic, it changes with time. Historical events have lead to significant alterations in languages, and the way native speaker’s communicate. An example of this are African-Arab countries, which went through colonization, speaker tongues have been altered and manipulated. African-Arab speakers have borrowed French terms which are currently used and accepted as everyday words.

In Oman, people take pride in standard Arabic, and ‘modern’ speakers are looked down at. The Omani culture is significantly related to the language, our greetings have to be in Arabic or else misinterpretation occurs. Thus they believe that losing your language is also losing your culture. Religion is an important factor in determining why it...

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