Stella Archer: Elemental Magic Essay

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For the next couple of weeks I had watched every movie with magical beings in them, I had read every book with any source of magic as well at the library. The Greek & Roman mythologies were my favorite to study. My favorite wizard was Merlin from the Arthurian legend my favorite cartoon was the last air bender. I tried to copy their moves to make the elements it didn’t work quiet well. I knocked over a couple things in the living room.
‘STELLA!’ my dad screamed furiously
‘Sry, Dad!’ I shouted.
‘I can’t get the elements correct!’ I sighed out
‘Maybe try thinking about what the element feels like, Stell’ my dad suggested.
‘How do I do that?’ I questioned
‘That’s something you’ll have to figure out’
‘Thanks for the help’ I mumbled.
I jumped to my feet. I heard the slight rumble of thunder outside. It was about to rain!
I got an idea ‘Dad, can I go outside in the rain?’ I said as I walked into the kitchen where my dad was.
‘What are you thinking Stell?’
‘You said ...view middle of the document...

Used my senses to really feel the pure water washing over me trickling down my fingers, the touch of each drop as it bounced on my skin, the sounds it made dropping on the earth with plop,plop,plop, listening to the sounds. I closed my hands slowly and then it happened. I opened my eyes. To stare at the giant rain ball I had formed in my hand. I smiled really big, trying not to break my concentration on the ball. Lowering my hands horizontally very slowly, I moved my hands contracting and expanding the ball at random. Pop the ball burst. Rats I thought. It was getting really cold out now. So I ran back into my house.
‘Stella what did you do?’ my mom asked
‘I made a rain ball again! This time bigger, and I could control it, but it popped’ I sadly said.
‘You’ll get it, eventually’
My dad came from upstairs with a towel and dropped it on me. I wrapped the towel around me and dried off. My brown hair in a mess when I was finished, that’s when I got another idea. Think air, flowing everywhere, windmills, wind chimes, storms ‘WOSHHHHHHH’ a giant burst of air come from my hand.
‘STELLA!’ my parents screamed over the howling wind.
I slowly closed my fingers using only my index finger, middle finger and thumb put together, the wind stopped. I opened them again slightly and little breezes escaped from my fingers. ‘YES!’
I moved my hand to my hair and it blew gently in places and I had dried my hair perfectly.
‘So much for the hair dryer’ I chuckled
My parents came out from hiding behind the counter.
‘I’ve turned it off now’
‘Ok, Stella Archer if you’re going to practice your magic, its’ going to have to be discrete so no one will know we have a daughter with magic in the house.’ My dad said matter- of- factly.
‘How am I supposed to do that? I have nowhere to practice, nor anyone to help me’ I mumbled the last part.
Unknown to me my dad heard that and began to whisper something to my mom. My mom just smiled sweetly at my dad.
‘We are going to make you a secret room in the basement so you can practice’ my mom said.
‘Really?!’ my brown eyes lit up with excitement.
‘Yep, until then, just study from your books and small practice in the house ONLY STELLA’ my dad was now only a couple inches from my face.
‘Yes, sir’ my eyes got wide at how serious his face was.

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