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Throughout the 1940’s, our view on American’s baseball has changed substantially. Segregation has been a part of baseball for several decades. Jackie Robinson, an Africa American bore near Cairo, Georgia on January 31, 1919, started a new revolution for American baseball. Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play major league baseball in the 1940’s (York). Brooklyn Dodgers general manager, Branch Rickey drafted Jackie on April 15, 1947. This was the beginning of Jackie embarking on his new revolution for American baseball (- Baseball, the Color Line, and Jackie Robinson).
Jackie Robinson encountered a volume of hardships throughout his childhood. He was the son of Mallie and Jerry Robinson; also was the fifth child and fourth son (York). Jackie’s father worked as a sharecropper on a plantation, and Jackie’s mother did household chores for another families around the neighborhood (Jackie Robinson - Childhood and School Years). The relationship between Mallie and Jerry was problematic; it resulted into Jerry leaving the Mallie and the kids when Jackie was only six months old (York). Moreover, Mallie lost her job and evicted from her house while Jerry pursued another girl. (York). Mallie and the kids resolved in leaving Georgia and rode a train to Pasadena, California where her half brother lived (York). While Mallie and the kids were living in Pasadena, California, Mallie worked as a maid, but still lived a poor life. (York)
Jackie Robinson went to a public school and excelled in exercise. After he graduated from John Muir High School, he attended Pasadena Junior College and pursued in athletics, such as football, track, basketball, and baseball (Jackie Robinson biography). He was granted most valuable player awarded in 1938. One of the brothers that inspired him to engage in athletics was his older brother, Matthew Robinson (Jackie Robinson biography). He...

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