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Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes and felt the pressure of your life drowning down their thoughts, felt that you are suffocating in their tight shallow eyes. But then again have you ever walked through a hallway without observing quietly every person that passes by and judging a book by its cover? Stereotyping, something done more than said or heard, a disease that some don’t even know they are suffering from. Looking at someone and saying or even thinking “ he’s stupid, because he’s black” yes that is stereotyping. Judging someone just because they have something indifferent from you, that is also stereotyping. Robert Heilbroner born in the 1919’s, a Harvard university graduate who studied economics for thirty years. He writes an essay discussing the case of stereotype. He reminds us that stereotyping affects many spaces of our lives and it influences the way we look at people and categorize them due to their tone, nationality or language. According to him there is nothing affirmative about stereotyping. He states that it makes us foolish thinkers and it affects both the people we stereotype and ourselves negatively.

Robert Heilbroner, in his essay “Don’t Let Stereotypes Warp Your Judgments,” justifies why the ideas stereotyped aren’t always correct. He goes on saying that stereotypes are “a kind of gossip about the world, a gossip that makes us pre-judge people before we ever lay eyes on them. ” which makes us fit more into the life we think we need to live. He states examples of how names, nationalities and places blur our judgment. The problem occurs when we take these assumptions and we make ourselves believe that they are the reality of life. Furthermore it wouldn’t come to mind that so many times a person could stereotype, without even realizing it. You may pass through a person and directly give yourself the right to create a story of his/ her life routine out of the way he/she looks or even on how they are dressed. Spreading injustice through out the whole nation we live in, causing to people to be so shallow about themselves and others that they begin to forget what it felt like to get to know someone deep inside and fall in love with the personality not the look or the fashion. He talks a lot about how our background affects the way we interpretation life and look at the world and all the sides of it. It affects how we look at people and how we judge them.

Heilbroner writes, “we begin to type-cast in our early years” which is disappointingly true as little children we always look at our parents and the people surrounding us to be idols of what we should be like. Our families have always influenced the way we “grow up with standardized pictures forming inside us”. Moreover, kids grow up to be hatful towards those other kids who are over weight excluding them from all athletic games and ruining their social life even if they have good grades and are very smart kids. Them being fat made them different; it made them be...

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