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The current advertising for Target’s CE department is not helping sales. In fact in some cases, it may be hurting sales. This section will address Target’s current advertising strategy and the problems associated with it. Then alternative methods of promoting Target as a credible CE department with large variety of products will be proposed.
Target’s commercials are currently showing clips of music videos for approximately 20 seconds, followed by less than a 10 second advertisement announcing that Target carries that particular artist’s CD. This advertisement may be hurting your CE sales. The viewer is made aware of this popular artist’s recent album release, and the consumer’s first thought is not who is carrying it, but which retailer is closest him/her because that popular artist will be sold everywhere. This is ineffective advertisement.
Another Target commercial flashes a multitude of Target trademark symbols, a few CE products, current selection of seasonal clothes, and our current spokes dog. This commercial is also ineffective.
This current advertisement strategy does not give the viewer something to focus on, and it does not create a need to buy products from Target. Instead, it is advertising on behalf of all major retailers.
It is essential that Target starts advertising Target, not just the products it carries. Commercial advertisements need to stress customer service, product variety, and product quality. The first step is finding a representative for commercials and circulars that embodies friendly and knowledgeable customer service. In TV commercials, the representative will help a customer, and also provide information on one of Target’s top of the line electronic products. In circulars, the representative will be holding our latest CDs and DVDs. Doing this, Target will begin...

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