Suburban Development And Suburban Life After Ww Ii

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In Suburban Nation the authors recognize three points in culture change: Social Marketing, Removal of existents barriers to change, and Enactment of new regulations.
Urban sprawl was a major problem and had many negative effects. "Suburban sprawl, “called urban sprawl was a result of overpopulation. Sprawl occurred when cities spread outward. Forests and farmland were being destroyed to create new housing subdivisions, shopping centers, offices, parking areas, civic institutions and roadways. State governments built highways and roads to serve all the new commuters moving in and out of the city. Developers chose to build on less expensive land farther away from the urban core. Land prices were lower and housing in these developments was more affordable. Some people chose a longer commute in exchange for more comfortable, low-priced housing. The sprawl was a chronological process that devastated the land and life of the American people. This problem described here continues to be a problem. And many people are unaware that urban sprawl continues to be a problem. Friendly neighborhoods, traditional pedestrian have fallen victim to this problem. Environmental activists claimed that urban sprawl, was a substantial environmental threat. But activists concerned about sprawl should concentrate on existing government policies that encourage suburban development and prevent greater redevelopment of urban areas.
They were two unlike models of urban growth; the old-fashioned neighbor and the suburban sprawl. Traditional neighbor, was the old way of living with singular rich characteristics {mixed use, pedestrian-community-environment friendly], evolved organically sustainable way of living. And Sprawl appears and ignored everything [history, people, community, environment] as resulted of humans artificial needs; the idealized way of living, very rational, consistent, methodical and comprehensive was a solution for a living problem, but unsustainable and self-destructive; integrated with six components: residence clusters, shopping center, office parks, civics institutions and roadways. They were homogeneous, repetitive in American cities and occurred alone and isolated from each other; each one creating different effects.
In this new era and through the years many of the forest and farmlands were replaced by buildings of high density, malls, shops, parking and in others places , by a single...


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