Suicide Victims And Homicide Offenders Essay

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Suicide victims and homicide offenders require special attention from both the government and the society in order to realize a positive change. Such people affect the moral stability of the society. This means that they must be assisted to eliminate immoralities and encourage the realization of a stable society in the future (Gartner & Macmillan, 1995). The rates of Suicide victims and homicide cases are on the increase in various regions over the recent past.
Some of the perpetrators are the caregivers to spouses who are chronically ill. Another involves marriage, lovers who have lived together for many years. The main question, which remains unanswered is “why can some wake up one morning and decide to take away another person’s life”. According to Chermack & Taylor (1995), most of the perpetrators are usually mentally ill and challenged with extreme psychological problems. They may be suffering from strong stress and depressive disorder that affects their perception and feelings towards life. Although these people face blame for their undesirable actions, it is beneficial to make an effort to understand their problem (Kaukinen, 2002). Solving their alarming problem would significantly reduce the crime rates in the society and encourage the realization of a better environment.
Although suicide and homicide it not acceptable in the society and by law, the vice is still being practiced in prisons. This has continued happening despite various effort to eliminate the vice. However, effective application of policies, laws and procedures has the potential to reduce such behaviors. For a country to improve the morals of its citizens, it is crucial for its jurisdictions to play its role efficiently. However, the lawmakers, state officials, correctional system managers, inmate advocacy groups, academicians, and relevant federal officials face a problem addressing this issue (Ullman et al., 2006). This is because of lack of comprehensive reports and data on the nature, number and outcome on the allegations regarding suicide and homicide. Failure to have adequate data makes it hard to design an effective corrective action.
Suicidal survivors and homicidal groups are vulnerable to social segregation because of having conducted some acts which are difficult to image. Most people fear individuals who were either involved in the death of others since they have a feeling that such people can kill them (Singer, 1981). Such fear and unwillingness to interact with them makes it difficult to offer social and emotional assistance to suicidal survivors and homicidal groups. In addition, people have a perception that when they associate with such people, they are likely to be classified as one of them (Chermack & Taylor, 1995).
Although these populations are usually considered as irrelevant in the society, efforts to influence positive change can encourage the realization of positive. Such people can play crucial roles in nation building through...

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