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Yellow Rain, What is yellow rain? It is debatable even still today, to try to explain what yellow rain is. You have to go back to the background and history of where it came from. In this, you will hear controversial stories over yellow rain, to make you start thinking. You will also start to ask yourself questions like, what does it consist of? In addition, where did it come from? Conflicting reports to make you think. Is it a real weapon of mass destruction? Alternatively, is it a myth created by a people wanting justice for the unexplained atrocities of wars past? On the other hand, is it a way for political officials to put an international spotlight on their enemy during the time of a secret war. You will hear scientist and medical examiners from all over the world argue and try to determine whether it is a natural occurrence, or a new developed chemical weapon produced by man. Yellow rain is a Chemical Weapon reportedly to said be used as early as the 1970’s in Laos. This is a period in time, when the Laotian civil war was ongoing, with the Vietnam War. The Northern Vietnamese and Soviet Communist powers backed the Pathet Lao, an insurgent army in Laos. During this time, the United States CIA had already started recruiting Hmong people to help fight against the North Vietnamese Army. In the spring of 1973-1974, the Pathet Laos began to gain tremendous power and foothold into Laos. In 1973 with the Paris peace accord emplaced. The North Vietnamese was able to maintain their forces in Laos, as the United States forces were completely pulling out of the Vietnam War. In April of 1975, with no support from other countries, the Southern Vietnam Army had fallen completely at the hands of Northern Vietnamese during the fall of Saigon. The Pathet Lao knowing, that their allies had achieved victory, and with the support of their Communist allies, Mainly North Vietnamese. They quickly started to take control of Laos and forced their way into power. The Laotian government, instead of continuing a losing war, surrendered to prevent any further casualties, under an agreement that no one oppose the Pathet Laos forces and no one harmed. They handed over control. With the new change, the Hmong refugees flee Laos in fear of their safety. United States tried to help evacuate refugees into Thailand. The problem was that there were limited resources to accomplish this, leaving many Hmong refugees still in Laos. With the Pathet Lao, now in control and not forgetting, or forgiving the Hmong people for fighting alongside of the Americans. They now started to carry out their revenge, on the betrayers to their country. There have been stories of the Pathet Lao exacting attacks on the Hmong people by murders or gunfire. Nevertheless, that will change around the summer of 1975. Reports start coming to the United State, Stating that chemical weapon used on Hmong people in Laos. In order to move the Hmong people out of their strongholds in the mountains, The Pathet...

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