Sustainability Environment And Construction Essay

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Nowadays, research on green building design and using building materials to minimise environmental is already develop and construction has been blame on causing environmental problems in global resources in the aspects of construction and building operation to the hazardous and contamination of the surrounding environment (Ding 2008). However depending on the design or the project itself to achieve the aim of sustainable development and construction or to lower the impacts through appropriate management on site it is not satisfactory enough to handle the problem arise (Ding 2008).
However, according to (Ding 2008), relying on the design of a project to achieve the goal of sustainable development, or to minimise impacts through appropriate management on site, is not sufficient to handle the current problem. To improve and advancement of economic, social, cultural and political conditions, sustainable development is the right to the development implies the right. Furthermore, sustainable construction can be considered as an investment in the future. Through conservation of energy, water and natural resources by re-use, recycling, innovative design and the minimisation of waste and pollution we can meet our needs without comprising the need of future generations (Suliman and Omran 2009).
To make changes in the future, provide and support desirable natural and social environments and maximise the efficient use of resources, sustainable construction is the set of processes by which a profitable and competitive industry delivers built assets such as buildings, structures, supporting infrastructure and their immediate surroundings that enhance the quality of life and offer customer satisfaction (Suliman and Omran 2009)
The aim for sustainability assessment goes even further than at the design stage of a project to consider its importance at an early stage, before any detailed design or even before a commitment is made to go ahead with a development (Ding 2008). This main objective of this paper are to examine a project-specific research shall be conducted by the consultants and the type or approach to be undertaken by the consultants of the project and the anticipated incomes in line’s with company’s motto “To create sustainable environment that respects every individual”.

Project Research Area
Mixed Development Project on a 100 acre piece of land comprise of Terrace House, Apartments, Shop Offices and a Shopping Complex.
Management Teams Design Teams Construction Teams
• Project Manager
• Sustainable and Environmental management consultants • Architect
• Engineer
(Mechanical & Electrical)
(Civil & Structural)
• Quantity Surveyor
• Interior Designer
• Town planner • Main contractor
• Sub-Contractor

To create sustainable environment that respects every individual there are certain approaches to be undertaken. In developing country like Malaysia, sustainable construction trend tends to focus on the relationship between...

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